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"Coaching with Lauren [helped] make the process effortless for me."

Kathy Young, Rekindle Communications

Kirsten Kline, Photographer

 I wanted to tell you that this past Wednesday, the 29th, I finally had the time to fully redo my website and make it set up for SEO. I even got my first blog post uploaded. Then, yesterday on the 30th, I received three wedding inquiries! I had no doubt that everything you taught me would work and be beneficial, but I didn't expect it to work so quickly! So, thank you so much for teaching me so much during our coaching sessions!


We have implemented a number of the tips, tricks, and expert ideas that Lauren indicated would be wise to implement with our site cleanliness and marketing and we have already seen huge, meaningful improvements. 


I am so thankful for her expertise and being able to help me in an area that I don't excel at! I would highly recommend Lauren for any copywriting needs!!


When my website went live I was met with SO much positive feedback, thanks to Lauren's help! I booked my highest paying client ever immediately after my site went live!

One-on-one strategy sessions with a copywriting COACH

Copywriting Coaching Packages


Four, 90-minute calls

Save $300 with this action-based, four-week package.

✔ Recorded, 90-minute calls
✔ Follow-up action plan PDFs
✔ Weekly check-ins
✔ Email support for 30 days after the last call


60-minute calls

Schedule calls as needed for your business and pay as you go. 

✔ Recorded, 60-minute call
✔ Email support for 7 days after coaching call

✔ Learn how to write killer copy and do your own SEO research

✔ Identify how to reach your ideal clients

✔ Reinvigorate your website, social media and more with impeccable, tailored content


Think of our calls as a workshop. We won't just talk about things — we'll get them done, together.

Learn how to blog, find the best SEO keywords, review your website copy and implement content marketing strategies. It's your choice, and we get to create some brilliant things together.

How do we decide what to discuss?

In your discovery call, we'll go over your main pain points. I'll do my homework and come to the call with some recommendations. Maybe you need to start blogging or optimizing your website. Perhaps your emails need some work. Together, we'll decide on a specific area to hone in on.

How did you become a copywriting coach?

From journalism major to full-time copywriter with a side of consulting, this journey has been 7 years in the making.

Ultimately, becoming a copywriting coach came stemmed from a need — the fact that other entrepreneurs wanted to know how to write and optimize their own copy, saving thousands of dollars on outsourcing over the years because they're equipped to help themselves. 

Do you coach other copywriters?

At this time, coaching is only available for creative entrepreneurs in non-competing industries, such as for wedding photographers, florists and so on.

I've found that the best tactics for a successful copywriting business come from knowing your own audience, and your own passions.

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