"I've always wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific."

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Salted Pages is a copywriting studio creating SEO-rich content for brands from coast to coast, and across the oceans too.

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We're known for strategic (and Salted) website copywriting for photographers and creative entrepreneurs, and also love partnering with local businesses to help them generate leads and stand out in a sea of competitors. 

Seeing that a large part of marketing is the messaging itself, we've taken that on as our specialty with a focus on website copywriting services. From the words on your website to your mission statement and SEO keywords, we help you connect with, and convert your ideal clients (so you can spend less time marketing while spicing up your sales). We're known for strategic (and Salted) copywriting for photographers and creative entrepreneurs, and also love partnering with local businesses to help them generate leads and stand out from a sea of competition. 

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1. Write with character. That means being honest and genuine. We use words for fresh and dynamic expression. Yes, we write with search engines in mind, but our words are for humans, from humans. Photos add luster, but words form a bond.

2. Lift up individuals. Being in business isn't such a corporate thing — it's personal and individual. With words and content, we want our work to be used for good. Salted Pages exists to help others imbue brilliance into what they do.

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Meet Lauren Kutschke

founder | seo Website Copywriter

I’m a dog-loving SEO website copywriter with a bachelor's degree in journalism (magna cum laude). I have been writing website content for small businesses since 2015 with the goal to make waves in SEO traffic and conversion rates. I take your vision and run with it, marketing your business with ease, like it was Girl Scout cookies — and with words that are just as scrumptious.

On a side note, I’m a vegetarian who tries to stick to a plant-based diet, but I can’t quite resist a cheese plate just yet. My husband is an airline pilot so I tend to regularly fly across the world, writing content along the way thanks to the creative boost that comes with seeing a new, breathtaking destination. Speaking German fluently is on my 5-year plan — hallo! When I'm not tucked away in my office writing content with the dog at my side, you can find me trying a new local restaurant or practicing yoga. I'm also on track to become a skipper, having recently sailed around Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

If you know me, you know that I am not a good cook. I would much rather put words together than ingredients. And that's exactly what I do with Salted Pages.

It’s amusing, sitting here, how gripping it is for me to introduce myself to you. I write about pages all the time and yet, now I realize exactly what you're struggling with — what do I say and how do I say it? In my experience, the best about pages inspire a connection, forming a level of trust before you even get the chance to talk on the phone. Let's see if that's the case between you and I.

I operate with a firm belief that I can't tell the stories of others if I don't live my own.

- Lauren

I broke my toe on a beach chair in Cozumel, Mexico. Beach chair: 1
Toe: 0

My nickname in high school was Pepper.

Denim is my favorite material. That, or linen!

Growing up, I was the "new girl" 5 times, including 3 high schools in 3 states.



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Eager for the reader's digest? Let's go. Holding a bachelor's degree in journalism and with over 7 years of copywriting experience, Lauren is the founder and lead content strategist of this SEO copywriting agency. She's worked with brands from Switzerland to California. Personally, Connecticut holds her hometown, and Fort Worth, Texas is her where she calls home.

With a Master’s of Science in Scottish History from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, reading and writing have always been a pillar in Amy’s life. In fact, avid reader is an understatement when it comes to describing her — she reads about a book a week, always with a cuppa Earl Gray nearby. Amy finds particular joy in handwritten letters and riveting stories (and yes, bagpipes too).

founder. Lead Strategist.




As bold as the spice she's named after, Lauren adopted Nutmeg from a rescue on New Year's Day. She is the very definition of a socialite — often abandoning the family for any and everyone else at the dog park. Playtime is the best time for her and whipped cream is her favorite treat. She also goes by Little Nut, Maggie and other names that they've lost count of. 

The most senior member of the four-legged duo, Simoncelli is just as energetic (and adorable) as the day Amy brought him home. Aspiring guard dog and a bit too smart for his own good, he knows exactly how to get what he wants — and Amy happily obliges for better or worse. Named after an Italian motorcycle racer, he also answers to Simo, Belly and Old Man. 



Salted Pages was created to add flavor to brands that are anything but bland. Whether you need a scrub, soak, or a dash of salt, we'll create content with feeling and zest. 

Think: copy alfresco.

Although we write on sleek computer screens and tend to prefer a neat workspace (and even fresh flowers if you visit Amy's office), we like to think that if we wrote with pen and paper, the pages sent to our clients would be lightly salted. 

Why Salted Pages?

They’d be salted with ocean water, from writing while sitting in the warm sand, or they’d be somewhat seasoned with the salt from one of our favorite snacks, like melt-in-your-mouth chocolate covered pretzels. We love to travel, and we love food, so Salted Pages was a perfect fit. And if Lauren is anything like her mom, she's not afraid to bring a book to the beach, although, sorry Mom, it does worry her a little. She'd hate to ruin a good book.

Lauren here. A blank sheet of paper has never intimidated me. If anything, I've simply always been inspired to fill it with words — using grammar, punctuation and my imagination to bring something to life. I took a journalism class my freshman year of high school, and when it came time to declare a major, I chose journalism. By the time I graduated with my bachelor's degree, I had already worked for a handful of companies in the marketing field. It was creative, always changing, and I enjoyed helping others succeed. I continued down that path and worked as a full-time marketing director until I went full-steam-ahead with my own business, Salted Pages, as an SEO copywriter in 2019. Finally, "freelancer" turned into "founder."

Now, I do the same thing that I once did as an employee for an online retail business or for my local chamber of commerce, but instead, I get to work with many talented clients to make a difference for their companies with website copywriting services and Showit SEO. There's also a shop with website copy templates nowadays!

How It Began

While the stories of our clients usually take centerstage, Lauren has led virtual and in-person workshops from Europe to Miami. She's also served in her local city as the Master of Ceremonies for their annual business plan competition. You can also hear her as a guest on various podcasts from Side Checks to the mayor's own podcast, Go Time. Email info@saltedpages.com to inquire.

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