Your messaging should represent who you've become — the elevated experience you offer, the carefully crafted services you have and even the one-liners and sayings your clients have come to know you by. Let's get started with the copywriting services that will make the biggest difference for you, be it website copy, blog posts, emails or even a foundational brand messaging guide.

Website Copywriting Services

Make Waves With

It just takes three ingredients and a

dash of salt.

On-brand messaging that
sounds like you.

Conversion-focused website copy that stirs dream clients to book you rather than a competitor.

Search engine optimization (SEO) to help clients find you.

Specializing in SEO copywriting for entrepreneurs

"I booked my highest paying client ever immediately after my site went live."

Lauren Braier, Elby creative

Starting at $5,400 USD with payment plans available.


Website Copywriting Services

Project dashboard​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ for seamless communication and a bird's eye view of the project and important calendar dates

Designer-approved with copy-and-paste content​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ that fits the word count of your template, or is easy to follow along with for a custom design (saving the design process hours of time and helping you launch sooner)

Calls to action placed strategically throughout the copy to effortlessly keep users on your site, and get them to the contact page

Two rounds of revisions & video calls to make sure each and every word used fits your vision, and video calls to provide one-on-one feedback and perspective

Keyword placement in the on-page content, page titles and meta descriptions to naturally drive search engine traffic to your site

SEO Starter Kit with 50+ potential keywords, selections for each page and blog post ideas too (Valued at $499)

Mini brand messaging guide — a condensed version of our signature Brand Voice Handbook with your brand statement, tone of voice, vocab and writing style guide.

Original, on-brand copy — that sounds like you and stands out in a sea of competition

90-minute strategy call to kick off the project, establish objectives, discuss your approach and listen to you

Header tag & link suggestions to organize the SEO back-end of your site, and make your web design implementation easy as pie

the detailed ingredients list

Conversion-focused sitemap to outline each page, what needs to be included and how we'll organize your offers

Pre-launch website design & interface review — a video walkthrough of your website to catch broken links, proofread final copy and guarantee a smooth-sailing launch

Exclusive VIP Day discount to make sure that when you need more content, you can skip the waitlist and save hundreds of dollars too

Market research — reviewing what your top competitors are ranking for, and what they're saying, in addition to sharing a white-label questionnaire to gather insights directly from your audience

For website copywriting services


Clarify and refine your offers. You know what you want to do, now we just need to describe it in a way that will resonate with your audience, and not overwhelm them.

Align with the brand you've built. Your previous messaging was a starting point, a basis to grow off of. But now, you need copy that can take you to the next level, whether that's working with higher end clients or raising your prices, your copy can help you do that.

Don't just fill in your template or new custom site with your old, worn-out copy. Refresh the look, feel and conversions with copy that makes a difference.

Receive written-from-scratch copy with an authentic brand voice, strategically created to convert your dream clients. Choose three pages of your choice such as the home, about and services pages.

Ideal for new businesses, refreshes and website templates

Low Tide

3 pages of seo copywriting

The last thing you want is to simply fill a slot in the marketplace. Give your brand an edge as we identify the very things that should have clients running to book you.

$5,400 USD


Increase traffic, and lock in those leads. Additional pages means additional chances for us to optimize your website and get the most out of our work together.

Or, use the additional copy to elevate your client experience with anything from a private pricing page to a welcome page.

Organize and optimize your offers, making it easy for clients to find and book you for the varied services you offer. We can write one page per service, such as a page for your wedding photography and another page for portraits (ideal for SEO).

Infuse your online presence with full website copy that converts, complete with 5 optimized pages for businesses with services that need their own pages (and the SEO boost that comes with more content).

Suited for brands with a curated portfolio, or for offers that cater to multiple audiences

Sea Level


Step into the educational market, potentially adding mentorships, courses or workshops your current site doesn't have copy for.

$6,100 USD


Hit significant revenue goals thanks to cohesive copy and brand messaging that aligns every touchpoint necessary.

Limit the amount of work you take on with copy that converts targeted, top-ticket clients. Book less clients, at higher prices.

Don't just compete in the luxury market, launch your new site with compelling copy that takes high-end clients and key vendors into account.

This is the five-course-meal take on website copy, complete with 5 optimized pages and a 50+ page messaging guide, a tool for creating on-brand content on all platforms. Plus a portfolio review to help you showcase your best work.

Recommended for established brands with 5+ years of experience

High Tide


Articulate your story, and let any team members or social media managers do the same with a messaging guide they can apply to almost anything.

$7,300 USD

Recommended for established brands

✔ Original copy for 5 pages
✔ Portfolio review to help you showcase your best work
✔ Brand Voice Handbook (brand statement, vocabulary list, tone, target audience outline & more)
✔ 5 SEO-friendly product or service descriptions
✔ SEO keywords, page titles, meta descriptions & H1 tags
✔ Two rounds of revisions & review calls
✔ Ready-to-use SEO spreadsheet that outlines current & potential keyword opportunities
✔ Conversion-focused sitemap
✔ Call to action text
✔ Communication with your designer
✔ Pre-launch website design & interface review

Converting website copy coming right up. This is the five-course-meal take on website copy, complete with 5 optimized pages and a 50+ page messaging guide, a valuable tool for creating on-brand content on all platforms.

$7,300 USD (split into 4 payments with a $1225 deposit)
5-8 week timeline


Ideal for new businesses or website refreshes

✔ Original copy for 3 pages
✔ Mini brand messaging guide
✔ 3 SEO-friendly product or service descriptions
✔ SEO keywords, page titles, meta descriptions & H1 tags
✔ Two rounds of revisions & review calls
✔ Ready-to-use SEO spreadsheet that outlines current & potential keyword opportunities
✔ Conversion-focused sitemap
✔ Call to action text
✔ Communication with your designer
✔ Pre-launch website design & interface review

Receive written-from-scratch copy with an authentic brand voice, strategically created to convert your dream clients. Choose three pages of your choice such as the home, about and services pages.

$5,400 USD (4 payments of $1350)
4-5 week timeline

Low Tide

For website copywriting services

Compare the options

On The House

All custom copywriting clients receive a free mini brand messaging guide and a website success kit — our PDF and video guide to improving search engine rankings, promoting your website and creating engaging blog posts. Plus, you'll receive a free SEO Starter Kit, a $499 value on its own. Don't forget to pick out a Northfolk design because we're providing one for free with your services if you still need a template.

Included with website copywriting services

In addition to two full rounds of revisions, we provide a sneak peek in week one of our drafting phase so you can share first impressions and experience true collaboration from the start.


We can't learn to write with your voice if we don't get the chance to hear it. We use video calls to let strategic discussions flow freely, and to take notes on your tone and nuances of how you speak.

one-on-one video calls

Whether you're working with a template or creating a from-scratch web design, we create and review a wireframe together. From the main menu navigation to the outline for every page, we use a full-picture approach.

wireframe & web-based copy

What's the point of incredible copy if no one can find your website and actually read it? Cue SEO — the time-saving way to get that RSVP from your dream clients without chasing after them on social media.

SEARCH engine optimization

how my team and I spice things up, compared to other copywriters

What We Bring To The Table

Have questions on a DIY launch? Wondering how to track the results? Or does your designer need a little SEO assistance? Reach back out, and stay involved with our Facebook Group.


Oh, and don't forget the PDF, Canva and Google Doc versions too. The various formats let you share, edit and evolve with your brand messaging. Intrigued? Learn more here.


Courtney Blair Photo

Elopement Photographer

I absolutely loved working with Lauren and Amy at Salted Pages. I have been thinking about hiring a copywriting team for my website for a while now, but I was intimidated by the prices. I spent a while searching for the perfect team and was so happy that I came across Salted Pages. From the moment I reached out until the end, I felt listened to and cared for. They helped me articulate the ideas I had into beautiful words that made me cry! I have easily paid back the money I invested in this upgrade for my website.

"Within days of publishing my website, I started getting dream inquiries."

Kadee, Little Lady Floral


There was a magic when Lauren found the perfect words for my site. She truly knows how to convey your unique message and will take your clients on a journey. It was also wonderful to be asked questions and to niche down and know my brand more. I'd encourage all entrepreneurs to work with Lauren and book with her quickly. The process and finished product are 100% worth any investment. She truly grasped the direction I wanted to go and took steps to elevate my business further!

"If you're thinking of working with Salted Pages... Don't walk. RUN!"

Michelle Johns Photography

Wedding Photographer

I wish I had worked with Salted Pages a long time ago! I loved the call where we met one another and talked about my brand. Lauren and Amy were so warm and welcoming, it was so easy to really open up to them. They sometimes even knew what I was saying even when I didn't have a clue. They allowed me to dig in and see exactly what I bring to the table. I feel way more confident in my work, and I know my why.

"If I could go back, I would've hired Lauren before I had my website created."

Amy Britton Photography

Florida Elopement Photographer

Working with Salted Pages has forever changed the trajectory of my business and my life. I had no idea what copywriting even entailed before and their process exceeded my every expectation. It's a deep process that forces you to look at your business and your goals and really decide where you want to go. Because it's a deeply personal process, she fully gets to know you and in turn knows your brand voice, which is so huge! Anything Lauren wrote or did for me was spot on, and even better than I could have ever done on my own!

"This is hands down the best investment I've ever made for my business."

Heather Anderson Photography

Elopement Film Photographer

I tell stories with photos and words have never been my strong point. However, I also figured people came to my website for photos so why would I pay for copy. After some research I realized the value in copy, for SEO and a strong brand voice. I got both with Salted Pages and so much more!! Working with them helped me really get clear on my brand vision and mission statement along with boosting SEO. They're amazing!!

"I am always impressed by how they take my jumbled thoughts and create the perfect message."

Alex HD Photography

Family Photographer

Lauren made the daunting task of writing copy for my website a total breeze (and actually a fun process). I was 100% new to writing website content and she held my hand the whole way through and helped me find direction and organize my thoughts in a logical way. She is unbelievably smart and talented, and such a fantastic writer (you just get swept up in her content!). She was so easy to work with, and carefully considered and acknowledged each piece of feedback I provided and worked with me to find the perfect words for my audience and my site (all while keeping SEO in mind).

"You NEED Salted Pages in your life!"

Jess, Studio Crescent

Brand + Web Designer

If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, confused about your website and messaging… you need to stop what you are doing and book a call with Lauren from Salted Pages. Lauren helped overhaul my website (all 7 pages of it!) during my rebrand and I am BEYOND grateful for her. She asked the right questions, conducted so much research, and listened to all of my needs and concerns... She truly made it a partnership. You were the first service provider I outsourced to since I started my business and I couldn’t be happier with the value I received!

"My website now feels more like 'me' than it has ever."

Leor, Meant To Bee Events

Wedding Planner

I have booked 9 weddings since the launch!! Their work is amazing. She really listened to me and then flawlessly put my thoughts/ideas into words. If you are on the fence about using Salted Pages. Do not think twice. I am extremely happy with my experience and will keep sharing how great it was. I am so excited about my finished product. Thank you! xoxo

(And most of my couples have dogs in the wedding 🤪🤗🥰🤗🥰)

"Everyone needs Salted Pages!!!"

Sweet words for Salted copy

Easily implement your messaging with a copy-and-paste outline (that you or your designer can use) with recommendations for SEO tags. Plus, let us know when you’re ready to launch and we’ll double check your website’s layout and functionality with a video review!

Refine your copywriting with two thorough rounds of revisions. This includes line-by-line feedback and two phone calls to talk through your requests! Your Brand Voice Handbook will be delivered for final proofing after all is said and done with your website copy. This is a use-it-and-love-it resource that will help your brand evolve with consistency.

Once the details are in order, your project will begin! Sit back and relax. My team and I will infuse your brand with flavor and focus, using proven SEO strategies. First drafts are delivered approximately 2-3 weeks after your start date. You can take it easy during this phase. We'll start with a blank page and take it from there. If you have a template, we'll follow that with a grain of salt, or if you're working with a designer, we'll collaborate behind the scenes to perfectly pair your copy with their design.


The Salted process includes an in-depth look at your brand, audience and goals. We'll get into the details of your company and why you do what you do. This allows us to carefully craft your story with a message and style that is true to your brand. With two signature questionnaires, a strategic video call and in-depth research, we'll bring your brand to life like never before. We'll also present initial concepts early on (tone, vocabulary, elevator pitch ideas...) so you can approve the concepts that will define your first draft.


A Better Look At The Website Copywriting Services Process



We've brought template customizations and tailored recommendations to the table. You can now work with us in-house to customize the Showit template of your choice.

Before You Hit Publish

View Customization Options

Go From a blank page to a breathtaking website that books ideal clients

Go ahead and take your pick from the Northfolk shop. We can customize a mix of your top 3, and we're covering the cost of the templates for you! We can also recommend a designer and/or template for your preferred website platform.

Looking for a side of flavor? The below custom copywriting services are available too.

A la carte copywriting

SEO Blog Posts
Brand Messaging Guide
Media bios
Email Funnels
Canned Emails
Sales Pages
Pricing Guides
Product Descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional website copywriter?

A professional copywriter applies marketing strategies, research and writing skills to create effective copy that connects with customers and increases sales. Whether you're a writer or not, a copywriter brings in outside perspective and insight to produce the most effective messaging possible. And unlike most copywriters, our content is infused with SEO to help you rank on Google.

When should I book my WEBSITE COPYWRITING project?

Our calendar is typically booked out by 1-3 months so please get in touch as soon as possible to reserve the next start date. If you already have a web designer, it's best to complete the copy before starting the web design. However, my team and I are often brought into web design projects after they start and are happy to collaborate with your web designer so we don't delay the project. This means writing copy to fit the design, as well as suggesting new elements that will improve conversions and SEO.

How do you write copy in my brand's voice?

Prior to any project, you'll be asked in-depth questions about your ideal client, core values and more. This allows us to understand who you are and who you serve, so that when we write for you, we're writing as you would. Our simple copywriting process asks that you provide the raw information so we can refine it and use our proven strategies to create compelling copy. 

How long does it take?

The Salted copywriting process takes us through a strategic route that's as efficient and enjoyable as possible. With in-depth strategy, revisions and other important steps in the process, you can expect a 4-6 week timeline if revisions are submitted when requested. Expect 1-2 more weeks for projects with brand messaging.

Can you just edit what I wrote?

SEO copywriting is like following a delicious made-from-scratch cake recipe. You need the right ingredients to begin with. All custom copywriting projects go through a signature process so as to guarantee the best results. However, if you’ve already worked hard to write your own copy, we occasionally offer one-on-one website audits to turn your DIY copy into something that’s more tasteful and effective.

Do you have a web designer you can recommend?

Absolutely. We work with some of the most talented web designers in the industry. Just ask and we’ll be happy to send a few names that will be a perfect fit for your project! Here's a list for now!

What's the payment plan?

A 4-part payment plan is applied to every custom copywriting project! Approximately 25% is required to book and the remaining three payments are split up throughout the project timeline.

About website copywriting services

Let's take this off your plate.

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Your tailored guide to creating on-brand copy. Receive a polished PDF and editable Google Doc. It's a brand book you can use to create consistent website copy, blog posts, social media captions and email campaigns. Look great and sound great too.

✔ Brand statement
✔ Brand glossary
✔ Tagline
✔ Foundations story
✔ Brand values
✔ Target audience outline
✔ Tone
✔ Key differentiators (USP)

Brand Voice Handbook

for your brand's messaging

The recipe book

$1,500 usd

Skip the 3-month waitlist and spruce up your copy with a one-day copywriting project, complete with strategy and revisions, without delay. Tell us what you need and we'll tell you what's possible. Only $1,200 for returning clients.

✔ 1 page of optimized website copy
✔ 1 lead magnet to help grow your email list
✔ 5-6 emails for a funnel
✔ 5-6 canned emails to book those clients with!
✔ 2-4 blog posts (depending on length and content)

Available dates:
August & September 2022


Book a copywriter for a day

The gourmet experience

$1,750 usd