Like a compass for your brand, get the clarity and copy-and-paste messaging to stand out in a sea of competitors. We'll work one-on-one with you to develop messaging that is genuinely yours. By combining your story with our expertise in copywriting, we’ll create a comprehensive guide that you’ll be surprised you ever lived without.

Custom-Creating Brand Messaging Guides For Entrepreneurs

Introducing the Brand Voice Handbook

So you can convert clients who sing your praises, and pay higher prices.


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Custom brand messaging guide

Brand Voice Handbook Details

Industry positioning so it becomes crystal clear exactly how you stand out in the market.

Unique selling propositions (USP) or in other words, an overview of how you surpass competitors.

Brand tone pillars, because your brand needs to have its own voice.

Brand vocabulary with a plug-and-play list of words for your messaging.

Target audience outline with personas, pain points and all of the strategic insights to connect with their desires.

The backstory of your brand, elaborating on the foundations that brought you here.

A tagline, the converting catchphrase that will become a cornerstone of your brand.

A media bio for those podcast episodes and guest blogs in your marketing plans.

An elevator pitch so you can feel confident introducing yourself without rambling or over-explaining.

A brand statement that succinctly describes who you are, what you do and for who.

Available with the High Tide website copywriting package.

Your tailored guide to creating on-brand copy. Receive a polished PDF & editable Google Doc. It's a brand book you can use to create consistent website copy, blog posts, social media captions and email campaigns. Look great and sound great too.

✔ Brand statement
✔ Elevator pitch
✔ Media bio
✔ Tagline
✔ Brand story
✔ Target audience outline
✔ Brand glossary
✔ Brand tone pillars
✔ Unique selling propositions (USP)
✔ Industry positioning
✔ And more

Also included:
-Brand questionnaire
-1 round of revisions
-90-minute brand strategy session

Custom brand messaging guide

Brand Voice Handbook

Available with the High Tide website copywriting package.

How do you identify my "voice?"

We love that question because you're right, it is an art. From phrases you use to words you would never use, brand messaging takes a bit of refining. We use a lot of the techniques Lauren learned from her degree in journalism to take your edits in stride so that yes, we do curate a voice that feels right for you.

What kind of entrepreneurs do you work with?

Wedding photographers, interior designers, web designers — we typically are known for working with creative entrepreneurs. That being said, we've also guided realtors, fitness brands and other passionate brands with their messaging. Just ask and if we don't specialize in your niche, we'll share a trusted referral.

Questions About Brand Messaging?


The exact brand messaging framework we use, ready to go with 50+ pages of copywriting prompts and a polished Canva design so you can look good and sound good too. Buy the template and make it your own.

Brand Messaging Guide Template

$75 $45 USD

Save yourself $25 and grab the three main templates in one with home, about and services templates. It's almost too good to be true, but this is exactly the spread we know you're looking for.

Copywriting Template Bundle

$75 $50 USD

Looking for a dash of DIY? Grab a copywriting template and make your home page sing, without wringing your hands with blank page stress.

Home Page Copywriting Template

$25 USD

Struggling trying to figure out what to put on your about page? Use this template to make writing that bio easy breezy.

The About Page Assistant AKA Template

$25 USD

Ready to feel confident with your messaging?

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