Learn how to write your mission statement, bio, backstory, elevator pitch & more

Editable & downloadable with a drag-and-drop Canva editor

Save thousands of dollars and craft your own copywriting with the exact brand messaging framework template used for Salted projects. This Canva template is overflowing with 50+ pages of copy prompts from your brand statement to a vocabulary list and target audience overview. Keep the images (courtesy of Unsplash) or make the guide your own by swapping out fonts, colors and photos. A free Canva account is needed to use this template.

Canva Brand Messaging Guide Template

$75 $45 USD


Outline your brand tone, personality & industry positioning


50+ pages with strategic messaging prompts

Dive deep into who your audience is with prompts for a persona, stage of awareness, demographics & unique characteristics

Easy to brand with your own fonts, colors & photos

Clarify how you want to be heard & pinpoint what that messaging should feel like

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