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Salted Case Studies

Take a look

Take a look

Take a look

The best part is that the copy is resonating with clients; they literally will quote word for word.

Average booking increased from $4,500 to $5,700-$6,200

Zoya Dawn

Anchorage Wedding Photographer

My business increased 45% from 2022 to 2023 after I worked with you!!! 

Raised Prices by $1k and booked ideal clients 90% of the time (up from 60%)

Courtney Blair

Utah Elopement Photographer

[After one day], I woke up to an inquiry!!!!!!!!!!! Everything she does is worth every penny.

ranking in first place for multiple targeted keywords in her location

Amy Britton

Florida Photographer

Take a look

Take a look

Take a look

Keywords and queries skyrocketed. The blog posts ranked on page one overnight. 

Stopped chasing after her ideal client because they were finding her.

Aurore Bridges

Dallas Wedding Photographer

The amount of leads who would actually book a call jumped from 25% to 80% with your emails.

Experienced a significant decrease in "ghosting" leads with Salted canned emails

Mariah Zimmerman

Wedding Photographer

I made over six figures for the first time last year after updating my website!

Started booking primarily in the luxury market with no-budget clients

Jennie Lou

Wedding Painter

They weren't afraid to niche down, and let that become their edge

They trusted that we would listen and speak up with new ideas

They didn't ask us to copy others (we wouldn't if they did)

These brands understood the bigger picture and used our work to complement (and elevate) other marketing efforts

The Common Ingredients?

We're as transparent about our results as we are with our pricing. If your brand is ready for the next step, send us a note 1-3 months before your goal start date so we can plan ahead and get you at the top of the waitlist. 

Make similar waves, and grow sustainably.

Esther Makau

My copywriting represents who I am today.

Rudney Novaes


Nicole + Michael

Lauren truly gave a damn.

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