One of the most important elements of any business’s identity is its visual components. But what good are beautiful designs without the words to support them? For this brand and web designer, we whipped up some beautiful SEO website copy for a tasteful pairing between timeless web design and copywriting.

Finding balance for a re-brand

Emma came to us hoping to revamp the vibe for her brand and website design business. With a complete rebrand on the horizon (from Emma Kellams Design to Studio Kellams — how catchy!), our goal for this project was to create something personality-filled, yet totally scaleable and skimmable.

Web design + copywriting that makes an impact

We set out into this project with a clear message for the passionate entrepreneur. And with a clean slate for this brand and web designer, we put our heads together to combine web design and copywriting for an experience that was conversion-oriented but still approachable to the small business owner.

An example of timeless web design and copywriting for Studio Kellams on two desktop displays.

The flavor

Emma was looking for a brand voice that was just as charismatic as it was effective. So, we came up with these guiding concepts to set the tone for our copywriting.

1. Refreshing

2. Quippy

3. Engaging

4. Clear

An example of timeless web design and copywriting for Studio Kellams on multiple phone screens

The recipe

  1. Establish Studio Kellams as a trusted authority in the industry who is both approachable and knowledgeable, drawing in ideal high-end clients to sustain and scale the business.
  2. Fall somewhere in between luxury and relaxed, using personality-filled content that avoids cliches and overused tropes in the industry to entice the reader and forge connections.
  3. Be intentional with the use of content, using clear and descriptive language that is purposeful and conversion-oriented. Include only the necessary elements with an engaging delivery.

An example of timeless web design and copywriting for Studio Kellams on multiple laptop displays.

The brand statement


“A brand and web design studio that exists to provide passionate business owners with strong brand and web foundations that help their businesses thrive.”


“Studio Kellams is a brand and web design agency that passionate entrepreneurs lean on for collaboration and inspiration — but most importantly — for designs that captivate and convert. Around here, we follow an intuitive, strategic style of design that creates a tried-and-true foundation for a thriving business. This meaningful method results in an authentic visual identity, a deep-rooted audience connection, and overall, a memorable brand experience that works. Trust us to create a high-end, yet highly approachable brand identity design and a website that supports your ability to scale.”

Favorite samples

Emma’s thoughts on the process

Before partnering with Salted Pages, I was struggling with how to effectively (not to mention beautifully) verbalize who I was and the value I offer... my to-do list felt long and overwhelming, and frankly was something I knew was important but felt more inclined to put off than prioritize. My favorite part of the process was probably that it reinvigorated my excitement and plans for my rebrand and new website.

After working with Salted Pages, I really felt a renewed clarity and excitement about the next steps for my business. I think the primary benefits of working with Salted Pages are that it (a) saved me time so I could focus on other, more fitting areas of my business for my skillset, (b) offered me clarity in my messaging (generally as a third-party, but also in their copywriting exercises and coaching through the process), and (c) brought in the touch of a subject matter expert, thus allowing me to walk away with beautiful, high-converting copy with the cherry on top of being optimized for SEO. I have every confidence there will be even more tangible benefits to come following the new website launch!

The review

I would absolutely recommend Salted Pages to clients and friends alike. Not only do I believe in the power of strong copy, and how it can be a tide that rises all ships in your business, but I really enjoyed the strategic partnership and personal connections made with Lauren and Amy. They were very open (and honest!), organized, and detail-oriented in their approach, and I could tell they really listened to and took my vision and feedback to heart, and that they cared for the welfare of my business. The experience of working with Salted Pages on my new website copy exceeded my expectations, and I have a renewed confidence in my brand messaging and the new and improved web experience that is to come!

You’re probably thinking: How do I balance web design and copywriting?

We’ve got you covered with our tried and true custom copywriting services. With over 200 websites written, the Salted Pages team has seen it all. So you can count on sound advice from a team of seasoned copywriters, plus we’re always sharing our insider tips on Instagram.

P.S. Web design and copywriting. What comes first?

This project is a great example for this question because it was a copywriting project FOR a web designer. Even when working directly with a designer like Emma, we still wrote the copy BEFORE she designed the website. We used her brand visuals and mood board as a conceptual direction, and to have a clear vision, but otherwise, we wrote the copy from scratch to ensure that everything was there for the best SEO and conversion results.

In an ideal world, we always recommend writing the copy before you start the design.

However, some clients come to us after the web design is already in progress, or even complete! In that case, we treat the project like a template. We fill in the blank – but with a grain of salt —  pointing out changes in the layout and flow, and writing copy that we recommend, even if the template doesn’t have room for it yet. Many times, we end up adding key sections of copy that were missing in the original design, like an FAQ section or SEO keyword placeholders.

Timeless Web Design + Copywriting: A Perfect Match

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