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"When it came to updating my own brand copy recently, I completely drew a blank. Her gorgeous template gave me the inspiration boost I needed to get back on track with my copywriting project. No more blinking cursors of death for me!"


After getting flooded with one-on-one coaching requests for wedding SEO, we decided to turn our $300 service into a $65 webinar you can watch, re-watch and implement to boost your SEO.

35-minute video tutorial

Online Course: SEO For Wedding Photographers

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Save thousands of dollars and craft your own copywriting with the exact brand messaging framework template used for Salted projects. Tap into copy prompts for your brand statement, fill in your vocabulary list and pinpoint your audience.

50+ pages of strategic messaging prompts

Canva Brand Messaging Guide Template

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calls to action guide

home page checklist

Home, about & services pages

fill-in-the-blank Google doc 

Save yourself $25 and grab the three main website copy templates in one with home, about and services pages. It's almost too good to be true, but this is exactly the spread we know you're looking for.

3-Page Bundle


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The three-page bundle that is delectably effective and easy on the wallet.

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Creative entrepreneurs like us? We thought so. These idea-evoking guides were released for photographers, florists, wedding planners and even web designers.

I’m Lauren, if we haven't gotten there yet. I'm a full-time SEO website copywriter and life-long dog lover (also the Salted Pages founder). My team and I work with small businesses day in and day out to create effective, flavorful website copy.

We focus on copywriting and SEO, but get a kick out of all things branding, business, productivity (and traveling)!

While we can't work with everyone, we hope these website copy templates make it feel like you have a copywriter at your side.

Please, pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy the results of these resources. Although these are meant to lay the foundation for photographers, web designers and other creatives, we've seen fellow copywriters benefit just as much! We just ask (and legally require) that you don't repurpose any material for your own copywriting business or template shop. If you want to use these templates for individual client projects, we have a license you can purchase for that! Just get in touch.

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