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With SEO Keywords & Custom Copywriting 

Delectably Done-For-You

We've written the words for hundreds of websites, guiding our clients on the wireframing, image placement, SEO and countless other items that make the user experience beautiful and high converting (impacting the likelihood of your ideal client inquiring or not).

Now, instead of handing it over to you for a drawn-out DIY experiment, we ensure that the SEO, copy and design are implemented with proven expertise.

Bringing the right words and proven SEO tactics to your template so it looks and sounds good (while ranking on Google too).

By Salted Pages

Copywriting-first Template Customizations for Showit

Complimentary Northfolk templates included

SEO settings added directly

Customized with your branding

Defining your brand's voice

SEO keywords incorporated

Written by humans for you

We founded Salted Pages because designers needed high-end website copywriting that matched the caliber of their work, but they also needed it done on time. So, we brought just that to the table. We also infused SEO to make sure that the website, while beautiful and with the right messaging, could also be found by searching clients. Now, you can work directly with us to write, and then customize your website.

The number one delay for most Showit website customization just happens to be our specialty.

Courtney Blair Photography

"Within days of publishing my website, I started getting dream inquiries and have easily paid back the money I invested."

Misa, Documentary Wedding Photographer

"I loved how seamless the process was and that everything was taken care of without me having to worry about all the backend tasks."

Choose your top 3 templates so we can build a semi-custom website with the best elements from each. Northfolk templates are included on the house, or you can buy a template from any other Showit shop. We will that ensure each aspect of the design applies to your unique business needs and the story your copy will tell.

Choose Your Template


Follow the signature Salted website copywriting process, complete with two clarifying questionnaires, a 90-minute kickoff call, initial concepts and two round of revisions. This is what we built our five-star reputation on, and what has substantially influenced the lives and profits of our clients.

Receive your website copy


With your website copy and custom SEO page titles and meta descriptions in hand, we'll just need your photos and branding (logo, font selections, color palette) to customize your site. To be completed in about 14 days, with one week set aside for revisions.

Watch Your Website Come To Life


We will always support and refer to our favorite designers for custom-made websites and brand designs. However, if you know that a template (or semi-custom mix of a few templates) is best for you, we can help.

For branding (logos, submarks, etc.) & custom websites 



10 semi-custom pages
Copy, SEO & photos added
Optimized images for each page
One round of revisions
Published on your behalf
Northfolk templates ($1,200 value each)
Video tutorial
Launch graphics & copy


2-4 weeks

Allow us to take your website to the finish line with a fully customized, published and marketable website. Complete with a concierge launch and pre-written social media captions.




7 semi-custom pages
Copy, SEO & photos added
Optimized images for each page
Northfolk templates ($1,200 value each)
Publication checklist
Video tutorial
Launch graphics


2 weeks

7 pages completely set up with optimized images and with launch graphics so you can announce your new website in style. If you want to submit revisions, simply upgrade to the concierge set-up.




5 semi-custom pages
SEO Starter Kit ($499 value)
A blank wireframe with SEO
Logos, fonts + colors installed
Northfolk templates ($1,200 value each)
Photo optimization guide
Publication checklist
Video tutorial


1-2 weeks

Your template put together with your SEO keywords and branding, but with placeholders for your images and copy so you can hand-select and add the content as you see fit.


The Standard and The Concierge Set-Up must be booked with custom website copy. Tailored packages are available so you can walk away with the custom copy and designed pages that your website needs.

Plus SEO copywriting cost

Plus SEO copywriting cost








Warm — Inviting — Minimal




Podcast Add-On


Making waves with decadent copy and impactful designs

As of December 2023, Showit is $19-24 a month (cheaper if you pay annually) and this includes the hosting, SSL certificate and design backups. Our code, saltedpages, will give you a free month! This is the only thing you'll need to pay for, outside of your URL domain, after your website is customized. 

How much does Showit cost?


Find our transparent pros and cons list here, but in short, we find that Showit is the best platform for business owners who want complete control over their website without foregoing a beautiful aesthetic. It uses a drag-and-drop system which means you never have to hire a developer or spend hours researching codes to make something look the way you want it to. Plus, it uses WordPress for blogging, which gives you SEO benefits without the headache.

Why do you use Showit?


Not at all! If you are happy using one of our complimentary Northfolk templates, no purchase is needed! The template (or a mix of your top 3) is included with our customization services. If you'd prefer a different template, however, then feel free to purchase that ahead of time or to ask us for our opinion on options from another shop.

Do I need to buy a template first?


Absolutely. We will provide you with a launch checklist, in addition to a resources sheet filled with our favorite tutorials. Plus, your website platform has a built-in customer service chat. You can contact Showit at any time for questions or technical issues.

Do you have any video tutorials or resources to help us later on?


Ideally, you should have a professionally designed brand — this means a high resolution logo, font selections and color palette. Without this, we will simply use the template's existing fonts and colors (or we might need to source a free commercial font if the font license is not included). We also need brand photos and portfolio images. Your copy, of course, will be written by us! (See copywriting-only costs here.)

What should I come prepared with?


A website without the copy is simply a concept. If you don't know how long the headline is, or how the ideas will flow through the page, how do you design something that will actually work with the words you add? So, we write the story of your website with every single SEO keyword, laying out the design as we go, and then building the website after the copy is approved and ready to be placed.

Why "copy-first?"


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