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Does your website content feel a little… corporate? Writing conversational copy can be challenging when you grew up writing essays and your last real written piece of anything was probably a resume. All you know is corporate and casual. How do you find a good middle ground? Here are my favorite tips to lighten up […]

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5 Tips for Writing Conversational Copy

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It’s not often that I get to venture into beauty copywriting, but the website copywriting project with Angela Xuereb was a dream project! Angela Xuereb has built out a gorgeous brand for her hair and makeup artistry business. She’s extremely talented and now trains other hair and makeup artists to be a part of her […]

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Website Copywriting | Angela Xuereb

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Writing engaging content for your online business can help you entice ideal clients and get more sales, but how do you write engaging content? One of the most effective ways to make boring content more engaging is to add flavor to everything you write — from your Instagram posts, website copy, to your emails and […]

How to write engaging content

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How to Write Engaging Content for Your Online Business

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One of the biggest lessons I learned this year was the fact that I need to give myself grace, grace to mess up, grace to turn off work and set boundaries, but most importantly, grace to run this business in a way that makes me feel content and joyful, while also providing value to my clients.


2019 Year End Review

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Your photography website is important — it’s often the last thing potential clients see before they book you, or don’t. You’ve likely spent hours designing the site, curating the photos and ensuring that your best work is being shared on your website. You’re confident that the images on your photography website will convince potential clients […]

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7 Copywriting Tips for Photographers

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