Let’s be honest, with so much to cover over the course of a wedding day from the preparation to the ceremony to the speeches, wedding videos can get rather overwhelming, as opposed to immersive or captivating. But this California wedding videographer has found the perfect recipe to create story-driven wedding films that feel spontaneous, yet classic. With a little Salted storytelling, her wedding videographer website is unparalleled.

Wedding videographer website on Showit with Salted Pages copywriting - mocked up on an iPad and iPhone with a light grey/blue background

A siren’s song and Salted stories

Like us, Maleka Ellis is a storyteller (she just happens to prefer film to words). She needed website copy that could communicate the sort of organic luxury with a splash of adventure that she brings to her clients. Since Maleka is lover of Greek mythology (hence the name, The Siren & Co) and Disney stories, we had so much fun incorporating hints of lore and mythology into the website copy.

The flavor for her wedding videography website:

It was important to Maleka to emphasize throughout her website that her style of videography isn’t your run-of-the-mill wedding video. We felt like these guiding words set the perfect tone for her tasteful film style.

  1. Creative. Playful. Unique.
  2. Casual. Cool. Confident.
  3. Refreshing. Relatable. Real.
Wedding videographer website on Showit with Salted Pages copywriting. As seen on a laptop mockup with a teal background.

The recipe:

Salted Pages is all about capturing that perfect brand voice for our clients, so we set a few goals with Maleka to make sure her website content is spot on.

  1. Present yourself as a high-end creative who is both fun and professional
  2. Intertwine storytelling without forgetting the legacy it creates
  3. Showcase what makes you stand out from competitors
Wedding videographer website example on Showit with Salted Pages copywriting

The brand statement:


“This is not your parents’ wedding video. Capturing celebrations of love and legacy.”


“Stories shouldn’t just be told — they should be seen and felt — goosebumps and all. I get it. Every story of your life is worth telling. What if we could take the weight off of your shoulders and let you just enjoy your wedding day, telling your love story with a bit of spontaneity and style too? That’s what I do as a California videographer with a low-key, elegant approach that’s tailored to capture your legacy.”

Favorite snippets

Copywriting for a wedding videography website - sampled from The Siren & Co.

Copywriting example for a wedding videography website - from The Siren & Co.
Copywriting quote from a wedding videography website

The review

“I’m not good with words. I work with whatever pops into my head and just run with it. You can’t do business with that, so I became infuriatingly frustrated because I had words, but nothing made it into a complete sentence. When I met Lauren she was like, ‘Tell me about your business.’ And to be honest, I loved those calls. She was able to take my rambling and broken words and tell a story. She made a complete sentence that made sense and sounded like me!! It was straight up magic!! I am so grateful to her. She helped me level up and help me take my business to the next level.”

Wedding videographer website templates

Looking for a template for your wedding videography business?

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Tell your story with the help of SEO copywriting

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Wedding Videographer Website With Cinematic Copywriting

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