Tonic templates from Showit have always been one of the top choices for our clients (wedding photographers, interior designers, painters, planners, florists and other creative entrepreneurs.)

The only reason we’ve ever had to question a Tonic template is because it’s too popular — yes, they’re that good. But it’s easy to make templates one of a kind. By the time you add your website copy, branding and photos, it’s like it was never a template in the first place.

So, should you buy a template from Tonic Site Shop?

Our answer is yes. We’ve never had a client regret building their website (and essentially their entire life) on a Tonic template. Why? Because the templates are modern, compelling, well-built and ultimately, just a good choice for any brand’s website. If you want to look around some more, we also recommend Northfolk and Foil & Ink.

Tonic website templates used by real brands

The Greyhound Template

For a live wedding painter

This is the first Tonic template example we’re sharing because it is absolutely breathtaking. Filled with Salted (that’s us), SEO-friendly website copy, and customized by Meggan at Studio Stefan, we’ve had this website as our chef’s pick for all of 2023. That means it is tasteful and intricate without being overdone. See why we love it and catch the live version here.

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Tonic template: the Greyhound, displayed on a laptop with a wedding painter's website showing.

For a wedding photographer

We have two examples of the Greyhound template just so you can see how unique each version is! Plus, we cannot get over Olivia Wenzel’s take on this template. Come join us in adoring her minimal approach. See the live version here for this Michigan wedding photographer. Olivia also worked with Salted Pages for her SEO and website copy. And since she didn’t have a designer, we guided her on the best ways to customize this template for her brand and audience.

Clover Club Template

Clover Club is one of the best sellers at Tonic. Just read one of their 72 five-star reviews for this single template.

Our favorite customization is certainly this iteration for Derek Preciado.

Here is another example for a Dallas wedding photographer who brings the European essence to Texas. That’s Aurore Bridges. Customized by The Kate Collective with Salted SEO website copywriting too.

An example of a Tonic template designed for a wedding photographer.

Martini Template

Molly, a design-focused wedding photographer in Annapolis, absolutely blew us away with her Tonic template customization. She DIYed this (just another example of how easy to use these templates are), but it looks expertly curated. We’ve seen a lot of Martini templates out there, but hers looks so unique and individual — true to how she approaches wedding photographs too.

She had our Salted direction, of course, and our SEO website copy.

Vesper Template

California wedding photographer, Kelsey Jonvea, worked with Digital Grace Design (who is the Showit designer of the year by the way) and our copywriting team to produce this warm and inviting website. All with a Vesper template, and a little bit of the Side Car template too.

A mockup of a photographer's website using the Vesper and Side Car tonic website templates

Tonic discount code

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Tonic Templates: Live Examples & Discount Code

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