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A look back at 2022 — from lessons learned and celebrations, to the goals for 2023. And an updated Nutmeg photo, as expected. Buckle up, because this post is straight from an entrepreneur’s heart with raw insights and hopefully some relatable woes and wants.

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2022 Year End Review

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As an entrepreneur, there are so many things on my wish list — from gear I can use for future projects to items that can brighten up my home office. Let me guess — you’re an entrepreneur too, or you know a small business owner and want to get them a thoughtful, useful gift? You’re […]


Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs | Useful gifts for small business owners

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Have you ever imagined being able to eat warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies, but without the calories?   I think that dream is comparable to Gwyn and I’s situation right now. You see, Gwyn, the amazing guy he is, got a job with a regional carrier for American Airlines. But, the law of the land […]

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He Whisked Me Away to LA

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