As an entrepreneur, there are so many things on my wish list — from gear I can use for future projects to items that can brighten up my home office.

Let me guess — you’re an entrepreneur too, or you know a small business owner and want to get them a thoughtful, useful gift? You’re in luck. This gift guide was written by an entrepreneur (me!) for entrepreneurs. Time to spread the joy. Let me know which one you end up grabbing in the comments below!


I’ve started using a tablet for on-the-road work and reading, and it’s been so convenient. It allows me to leave my bulky laptop behind and still get work done.

Podcast recording gear

You heard that right. Podcast gear is one of the most useful gifts for entrepreneurs right now. I like this portable Zoom microphone as it works wonderfully for field recordings, but can also be used to record two lines of audios (i.e. for a phone interview). This Blue microphone also has awesome reviews and is used by a lot of podcasters, such as Jenna Kutcher! You can use a combination of the Zoom recorder and Blue microphone to record phone interviews seamlessly.

Zoom H4n recorder for field recordings & phone interviews

Blue microphone for in-home or in-studio recordings

Essential oil diffuser

This is such a nice, affordable home office gift. You can use a variety of essential oils depending on what type of boost you need (calm, stress, energy) and it helps to mix up your home environment. Please watch out for oils that aren’t dog friendly.

Himalayan salt lamp

I have this salt lamp and I love it. It’s made out of real rock salt and has a dimmer so you can set the mood just right. It adds a nice element of warmth to my office.


You know how fitness watches remind you to get up and walk around? This is SO needed for entrepreneurs. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to eat, let alone walk around as I worked away, undisturbed in my quiet office.

Noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones

These are on my list for sure. Working anywhere becomes a lot easier when you can drown out the noise. I recommend getting comfortable, bluetooth headphones so you can focus without cords in your way.

Portable charger

Whether I’m traveling or working at a coffee shop without an outlet nearby, my portable Anker charger has come in handy countless times. I can charge multiple devices without the need to hide out near an electrical outlet. Not sure if this is the right gift? Once while I was traveling in Greece, there was only one outlet available for 60+ people at an airport terminal. This would’ve come in handy.

Stasher bags for healthy snacking

You might need to grab some of these for yourself. These Stasher bags are reusable, zip locking bags that are dishwasher safe and can even be thrown in a boiling pot of water too. They’ll help you cut down on your plastic waste and they’re oddly cute.

Programs like Lightroom or Dubsado

I love using software to make my life easier. If you’ve been waiting to invest in top-of-the-line editing software for your photos (hello Lightroom) or you need a better system to manage your customers and projects (meet Dubsado), use the holidays as an excuse to invest. If you’ve been needing a customer management system, here’s how I use Dubsado for my copywriting business. Getting Dubsado helped me up my game this year and reach new goals! Yay! From onboarding with proposals and contracts to automatic workflows, I’ve been able to take on more clients, all while wasting less time with admin tasks. (Did you see that the microphone in the Dubsado photo below is the same one I recommended? Love it.)

Local gifts

Last, but not least, consider getting a local, handmade gift. Buy from another small business. Here are my favorite ideas:

  • Tall, leafy plant
  • Handmade art such as painted canvases or pottery
  • Personalized jewelry
  • Custom-made desk from a local carpenter
  • Local clothing (hello sweatpants & jackets)
  • A library card that will hopefully give you access to Libby where you can read all of the good stuff on your list


What’s your must-have gift this year? I’m so excited for you to use this guide for the entrepreneur in your life, even if it’s you! Here’s to giving gifts!


Please Note: Some of these products contain affiliate links.

Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs | Useful gifts for small business owners

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