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Salted Pages helps entrepreneurs book dream clients and grow their businesses with SEO copywriting, blogs and email funnels. Breathe flavor into your business with content marketing that is custom-created for your brand.

You deserve to be paid attention to.

Book dream clients & Grow Your Business

The story is there. There's so much you want to tell your potential clients. You have the ideas and the vision, but the words just don't come. You need a coach, a copywriter, an editor — a trusted sidekick to brainstorm and create with. With Salted Pages, you'll find:

✔ SEO Copywriting and marketing that connects to your audience

✔ Confidence in sending leads to your website

✔ Satisfaction in your brand messaging

✔ More dream clients

Jacki Miller, Owner, Foil & Ink

Lauren has been so wonderful to work with. She's quick with her projects, has wonderful feedback and ideas to make the client's experience a success, and is extremely proactive. I look forward to seeing how much our business will grow with her help.

Jodi Brown, Owner, Amplio Development

Lauren delivers. Few people work as hard or accomplish as much as Lauren does. She is a multi-talented individual who performs at every level task, no matter how great or small. She stands out from the crowd, yet is always wiling to dig in and work side by side with you to get things done. She is brilliant at marketing and strategy. She manages incredible amounts of data, budgets, and facts, yet excels most with people because she gets to know them at the heart and soul level. She is outstanding in every way and will undoubtedly excel in any project she takes on.

Sue Forrest, Owner, The Sue Forrest Agency

Lauren has been working with and writing for the agency for well over a year. Her exceptional writing skills are not the only thing that Lauren brings to the table. What makes Lauren a real asset to our team is her communication skills. She listens intently, asks all the right questions that allow her to understand the essence of our brand voice and then captures that voice and sentiment in everything that she creates for us. Lauren is easy to work with, meets deadlines and produces exceptional work. The agency wouldn't have the online presence it does without the talent that Lauren brings to her work.

Aaron Alder, Owner, Same Day Translations

Lauren managed our social media, newsletter, and website content, improving our SEO and overall communications. I would highly recommend her. She is intelligent, easy to work with, and goes above and beyond to make a difference.

Rhonda Lauritzen, founder/author,

Lauren was a delight to work with at the Ogden-Weber Chamber as an editor and liaison. She was prompt, professional and her edits always felt on point. I always felt that Lauren’s feedback was fair, and if we ever ran into snags on a project she never hesitated to step in as an advocate and ally. I know she will be an asset to any organization. Indeed, I hope we will have a chance to collaborate on future projects.









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