Salted Pages helps entrepreneurs get their message across with SEO website copywriting, blog posts and email funnels. Come along and we'll pinpoint what makes you stand out while infusing the latest SEO tactics. All in all, this is a soul-led, strategic journey that brings organic leads, increases conversions and helps you sustainably grow your business. Raw conversations encouraged.

Infusing Storytelling With SEO To Stir Up Organic Leads & Sales

SEO Copywriting

The story is there and your experience is evident. Yet, the messaging just doesn't cut it. How do you reach the right people, show up on Google and pair all of that with a cohesive, converting web design? While my go-to title is SEO website copywriter, many of our clients have found solace (and success) in the focus my team and I have on the full picture — from how clients find you to what happens after they click that contact button. So please don't be surprised if you find a lot more than words when we work together.

✔ Copywriting with built-in SEO that boosts rankings (and leads!)

✔ A delectably unique brand voice that gives your business an edge

✔ More ideal clients who align with your values, and pay your rates

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Courtney, Utah Elopement Photographer

"Within days of publishing, I started getting dream inquiries and have easily paid back the money I invested."
"I absolutely loved working with Lauren and Amy. Within days of publishing, I started getting dream inquiries and have easily paid back the money I invested."

Thai, Wedding Florist

"1000% worth the investment. They understood my goals, and were just as invested in the final product as I was."

Christopher Brown, Wedding photographer

"Salted Pages knows how to dig deep and make sure your messaging stands out from your competitors."

Jennie, Live Wedding Painter

"I found it awe-inspiring to witness her uncanny ability to capture my voice. She is truly a gifted wordsmith."


"You understood my vision and ideas from day one."

Lesley, Stay Gold Event Rentals

"Working with Salted Pages was such a breeze. I would hire
again and again!"
"Working with Salted Pages was such a breeze and made a very overwhelming task of producing an entire website of copy feel more manageable. I would hire
again and again!"


"She captures the voice and sentiment in everything that she creates for us."

I've been wondering when we might get the chance to meet.

SEO copywriter // fellow creative // Wayfarer

I'm Lauren. I pretty much can't go without mentioning that I'm a dog person, so there's that. I started this SEO copywriting business because of an admiration. I admired photographers and their ability to capture the essence of someone in photos, how they could create an art of their own with styling, storytelling and editing. I adored the small business world and the community that inspires as many ideas as it does friendships. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and each business owner I've met has created their own definition of what that looks like. No two stories have ever been the same.

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As I met these creatives and dreamers, I realized something was missing. They had wildly brilliant businesses, but they were sending all of their leads to websites without any words. Literally just photos and a contact button or two. It made my heart drop and my marketing brain anxious. And when there were words, they lacked influence. They were cookie cutter, and I promise you, these were stale cookies. Their messaging just didn't align with who they were and the experience they offered. So I took to the keyboard, applying my journalism background and SEO skills to help others put their voice and values into words.

Save yourself $25 and grab the three main templates in one with home, about and services templates. It's almost too good to be true, but this is exactly the spread we know you're looking for.

Copywriting Template Bundle

$75 $50 USD

Looking for a dash of DIY? Grab a copywriting template and make your home page sing, without wringing your hands with blank page stress.

Home Page Copywriting Template

$25 USD

Struggling trying to figure out what to put on your about page? Use this template to make writing that bio easy breezy.

The About Page Assistant AKA Template

$25 USD

The exact brand messaging framework we use, ready to go with 50+ pages of copywriting prompts and a polished Canva design so you can look good and sound good too.

Brand Messaging Guide Template

$75 $45 USD

A luxurious and high-converting Showit website template for photography proposals. With pre-written copy to use as is, and an expertly designed template you can easily add to your website.

Wedding Photography Client Proposal

$275 USD

Put the wind back in your sails with on-brand content that converts.

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