This Utah adventure elopement photographer who frequently works in Alaska (so much snow, talk about cool!) had a very fun request for her website copy. What was it? To sneak in Taylor Swift references whenever possible. We could be a bit biased here, but the sprinkling of Swiftie references might make it one of the coolest photography websites out there.

Talk about (Taylor) Swift results!

A big lover of all things snowy and outdoors, Courtney is all about an adventure as an elopement photographer. (And we really mean a strap-on-your-hiking-boots-and-climb-up-a-mountain adventurer.) Her dual locations meant using our SEO magic to target multiple audiences within her website copy. But targeting several locations didn’t mean sacrificing tasty results. Courtney received five dream inquiries days after her website launched!

The key to making the coolest photography websites? Personality!

As a small business owner, so much of who you are becomes entwined within the fabric of your business. Whether it’s your love of dogs, your secret talent or favorite musical artist, we love incorporating personality into website copy. Hence why when a major Swiftie (she’s seen Taylor Swift live 15 times!) asks for Taylor Swift references, we deliver.

One of the coolest photography websites, for an adventure elopement photographer

The flavor

Keeping in mind that (unfortunately) not everyone is a part of the Taylor Swift fandom, we kept the references tasteful. But, these guiding words also served as a common thread throughout all of Courtney’s website copy:

1. Caring

Authentic and down-to-earth, you really care about every single couple you work with and it shows.

2. Easygoing

Flexible yet professional, you are a joy to work with.

3. Welcoming

Every client, no matter their background, feels so comfortable with you. Your time together is basically just a cool hike between friends.

One of the coolest photography websites

The recipe

  1. Focus on the client experience, creating an adventure from the first headline they read to the actual photographic adventure with Courtney.
  2. Target multiple locations without confusing the reader, making Courtney seen as an expert in any adventurous setting.
  3. Walk the line between emotive and easygoing ā€” drawing the reader in with the emotions and keeping them there with laid back prose.

Mockup on an iPhone of one of the coolest photography websites

The brand statement


“Courtney Blair Photo strives to foster a fun, authentic, and adventurous wedding day for you and your partner by creating a relaxing and easy-going photography experience.”


“Iā€™m Courtney Blair, an adventure elopement photographer in Utah who can regularly be found exploring Alaska too. Above and beyond is in the job description ā€” literally (hey there mountaintop elopements) and metaphorically ā€” leaving no trace and leaving no questions unanswered either. By fostering an adventure-filled wedding experience where unreal views are the usual, this is sure to be an unforgettable adventure.”

Favorite samples

Home page introduction for a photography website
Copywriting for one of the coolest photography websites
Copywriting for one of the coolest photography websites

Courtney’s thoughts on the process

[Before working together I felt frustrated with] having too many ideas, but not quite sure how to articulate them to drive in inquiries from my dream clients. I’m a very planned person and I liked that I knew from the beginning what exactly to expect at each stage with due dates and expected dates to receive the drafts. I also really liked the constructive critiques of my website’s design and how to improve.

[Three benefits I’ve noticed after working together are] 5 dream inquires within days of publishing, more content to fill my other marketing items with (session guides, etc.), and a more professional-looking website. I spent so long debating on whether or not to hire a professional copywriter because the price does seem like a lot of money at first, but within weeks of publishing my site I have already made back what I invested in my new site. It helps to have the outside perspective of someone writing for you and be able to nail down exactly what you are looking for.

The review

I absolutely loved working with Lauren and Amy at Salted Pages. I have been thinking about hiring a copywriting team for my website for a while now, but I was intimidated by the prices. I spent a while searching for the perfect team and was so happy that I came across Salted Pages. From the moment I reached out until the end, I felt listened to and cared for. They helped me articulate the ideas I had into beautiful words that made me cry! Within days of publishing my website, I started getting dream inquiries and have easily paid back the money I invested in this upgrade for my website. I am so happy with them and you would be too šŸ™‚

Wondering how we create the coolest photography websites?

Our blog has a flavorful collection of About Me Photographer Examples and plenty of tips for a more personality-filled about page. Whether you prefer literally cool locations or more tropical weather (team beach day always), copywriting for photographers is a Salted specialty.

One Of The Coolest Photography Websites

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