Feeling like it’s easy to showcase your photos, but impossible to write about you on your photography website? These about me photographer examples will help!

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Why you need an about page

We know how difficult it can be to write about your accomplishments and tell people you’re the one, without coming across as prideful. Just please don’t delete the about page on your website simply because you’re having trouble communicating who you are.

An about page gives you the chance to connect with potential clients beyond the visuals. How does your story influence how you tell others? What do you share in common with clients? How do you understand them, and why should they trust you?

After all, you’re the person they’ll be working with, long before they see any of their own photos. So help them figure out who you are.

P.S. Resonating with the right people will help you prevent red flag clients, and produce more raving fans (and five-star reviews). So it’s very, very much worth it to write an about page that seals the deal.

Scroll down for photographer about me examples!

How do I write about me as a photographer?

Connect your “why” with what you do, while simultaneously guiding potential clients back to your services page, or even to following you on Instagram (so they can keep you in mind, and come running back when they’re ready to book). Here’s our go-to about page recipe:

  1. A quick intro explaining the experience (more about them, less about you)
  2. Your philosophy or mission — get to the root of your real “why”
  3. USP or three unique selling points as to what makes your work different, and better
  4. A first person intro sharing who you are and what you hope for with your work together
  5. Reviews that rave over who you are
  6. Your backstory: how did you get here
  7. Fun facts or must-haves (think destinations and drinks)
  8. Publications + podcasts you’ve been featured in
  9. Where clients can connect with you — IG, newsletter, contact page…
  10. Top resources or fave blog posts
  11. Optional: team bios
  12. Optional: your core beliefs and values, three or four should do

If your history is a little long, feel free to throw in a visual timeline or a 3rd person bio such as, “Sarah is a luxury wedding photographer” instead of “I am a wedding photographer.”

About me photographer example for a playful and personal photographer and videographer duo

This Chicago wedding photography couple loves to keep it real. Nicole and Michael are super relatable and high-energy, and their about page shows it. From the first sentence, clients know that they’re in for a great time and a new hype crew.

Instantly, you know this duo is playful and outgoing, but you also know what they’re about as photographers. Our favorite part, though? We decided to add Nicole and Michael’s own wedding vows to their about page, so their clients know exactly what marriage means to them. You can read more about this exciting photography and videography website on our blog.

About me photographer examples

Photography about me sample for a destination wedding photographer

Tausha Garrett is a wedding photographer in Cincinnati who gives off that perfectly welcoming editorial vibe. Her about page makes you feel all the emotions, drawing you in and keeping you there to learn more about Tausha’s “why.”

At the end of the day, love is what brought the clients together. So, ultimately that’s what motivates Tausha’s work: capturing and cherishing all of those moments that show us what love looks like. Her about page makes sure the clients know that celebrating their love is Tausha’s top priority. Learn more about our poetic website copywriting for Tausha on the blog!

Photographer about me sample

For a European inspired photography style

For this wedding photographer in Austin, the history and culture of Europe bring a unique storytelling aspect to her work. Esther is all about channeling the history of her couples, which makes for artfully inspired results.

Imagery and soulful experiences were the main inspiration for Esther’s about page. Immediately, we infused the romantic, yet sophisticated feelings Europe inspires into the first few lines of the paragraph. All the while, it’s tied back to what it feels like, and that is how Esther connects back with her clients.

For an intimate wedding photographer

Light, airy and romantic, Amy Britton’s work as an elopement wedding photographer feels like a dream. We used all the fairytale feels to make her about page as sweet as she is.

Amy is there every step of the way for her clients, so it was our priority to emphasize that on her about page. Here, clients know that its her mission to make their wedding dreams come true, all while keeping that fun, bubbly tone Amy is known for. Check out our blog to learn how our SEO infused copywriting gave Amy some dreamy results in a matter of hours.

For a photographer-gone-web designer

Okay, so technically not a photographer, but hear us out. As a photographer-gone-designer, Jacki is the go-to Showit website designer for photographers. She understands the photography life, so it was important we made that connection to her clients first thing in her about page.

Not only is an instant connection made between Jacki and her potential clients, but the reader also gets a sense of her background and what led her to this point. She’s the best choice because she’s been in their shoes before. Relating directly to your clients is a great way to plant those seeds.

About page copywriting

What about you? Does your about page reflect who you are? We can help! Copywriting for photographers is what we’re known for. You can find more about me photographer examples on our blog and we’re always sharing the best copywriting tips on Instagram.

If your about page needs a little flavor, reach out and together we can make something with our SEO website copy that truly represents who you are as a photographer.

Check out our about me page template

And if you’re inspired by these about me photographer examples and want to write all of this goodness yourself, have at it. Here’s a downloadable about me page template that can help!

About Me Photographer Examples & Tips For Writing Your About Page

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