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Love using Dubsado to manage clients? You’ll love it even more with these Dubsado client portal ideas. Why you should activate client portals for all projects Even if you don’t customize your client portal with any of the below tips, I still recommend activating the portal! At the least, it will make it super easy […]

Dubsado client portal ideas


Dubsado Client Portal Ideas for Effortless Client Management

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Spend less time on admin work, book more clients and kick off projects with a bang. Use this Dubsado proposal checklist to do just that!

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Book more clients with this Dubsado proposal checklist

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If you want to show up in search engine results, Google Search Console is an effective tool that allows you to track search engine rankings and understand exactly how Google sees your website. If you’re not using it yet, this post will walk you through what it is, how it works and how to get […]

Copywriter using Google Search Console on a laptop


The Lowdown: What Is Google Search Console?

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Looking back at the year, I am both amazed and astonished. I’m amazed at the sheer number of clients I’ve worked with and the level of growth I’ve reached. On the flipside, I am astonished at how quickly the time went by, and at how much was still left on the table to be done […]

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2020 Year End Review

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How do you write product descriptions (or service descriptions) in a way that makes you stand out? We’re all guilty of naming our packages “The Basics” and “The Luxe,” but what if you actually used an on-brand name? Here’s how! 1. Use a catchy title and straightforward subtitle. The catchy name will get people to […]

Product Description Tips


How to Write Product Descriptions That Stand Out

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