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What to consider when renaming your business, and how to make it not only stick, but resonate with the right audience. And let’s talk about making sure it’s something you, as the CEO, can really hang onto.

Renaming your business


The ins and outs of renaming your business

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Some people are more editorial, while others prefer a moodier vibe. But this wedding photographer wanted website SEO copywriting to bridge the gap for those of us somewhere in between. Down-to-earth, yet energetic. With Salted Pages, she found that perfect balance between authenticity and vibrancy in her website content. Making magic with website copywriting Brittany […]

Website SEO copywriting example


Wildly Relatable Wedding Photographer Website

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On May 5th, 2022, Salted Pages was selected as the grand prize winner for the Business Plan Competition hosted by the Fort Worth Economic Development Department and Frost Bank.


A pitch and a plan: Salted Pages receives grand prize for business competition

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Copywriting doesn’t need to be wordy or flashy to grab the user’s attention, especially when paired with a modern, minimal web design.

Modern, minimal web design on Showit with SEO copywriting

Copywriting, Featured Work

Modern, Minimal Web Design & Its Copywriting

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Whether you just launched or have had your Showit website for years, this post will walk you through the necessities of submitting your Showit sitemap, and why you needed it yesterday! Luckily, the next best day to submit your sitemap, like planting a tree, is today!

Woman in a gold dress holds a beige book on her lap


#1 Launch Mistake: Not Submitting Your Showit Sitemap

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