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Does your website content feel a little… corporate? Writing conversational copy can be challenging when you grew up writing essays and your last real written piece of anything was probably a resume. All you know is corporate and casual. How do you find a good middle ground? Here are my favorite tips to lighten up […]

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5 Tips for Writing Conversational Copy

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I love the fact that Showit enables a completely custom website, but still uses WordPress for blogging. As someone who provides blog writing services, though, I realized that some Showit designs make the blogs hard to read. Using H2 and H3 Here’s the deal. When blogging, it’s important to divide your content into subsections. This […]

Change Wordpress/Showit fonts

SEO, Web Design

How to Customize Showit Blog Fonts

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A lot of creative entrepreneurs want complete control over their websites — from the initial design to easily making updates as needed. Here’s the rundown of the pros and cons of the web design platform, Showit. So, what is Showit? Showit is a web design and hosting platform that allows you to create a completely […]

Pros and cons of Showit websites

Web Design

Pros and Cons of Showit Websites

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I’ve noticed that there’s a big discrepancy when it comes to using Showit tags. If you want to improve your SEO and use header tags effectively, use this video to double check the settings on your Showit website! What are header tags? H tags, header tags, HTML tags… they’re a way to organize content and […]

How to use header tags on Showit

SEO, Web Design

How to use Showit header tags correctly

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been working from home full-time since spring of 2019. I love the flexibility of my schedule — I get to go on afternoon walks with my dog, Duke, have spontaneous lunch dates with my pilot-husband and ultimately have complete control over my schedule. Working from […]

Working from home tips

Entrepreneurship, Featured

Working from Home Productivity Tips

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