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Tonic templates from Showit have always been one of the top choices for our clients (wedding photographers, interior designers, painters, planners, florists and other creative entrepreneurs.) See live examples and grab a discount code.

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Tonic Templates: Live Examples & Discount Code

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See the artistic tone of voice, grab our recommended floral website template and get a look into SEO for florists. This project for Aster & Bee was a client x copywriting collaboration without a designer, but with just the same results thanks to a Showit template.

The best florist marketing and SEO, all wrapped up into this Showit floral website design for Aster & Bee

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The Latest Floral Website Design: Artistic & SEO-Rich

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This photographer’s moment-driven approach inspired a creative photography website we’ll never stop raving about. See the artistic results.


The Creative Photography Website We Can’t Stop Dreaming About

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For this brand and web designer, we whipped up a tasteful pairing between timeless web design and copywriting. And read about what comes first — design or copy?

An example of timeless web design and copywriting for Studio Kellams on two desktop displays.

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Timeless Web Design + Copywriting: A Perfect Match

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Let me go ahead and show you how involved (and incredible) our team writer and lead project support is. Meet Amy. Part of the crew since February of 2022.


Meet Part Of The Salted Pages Crew: Amy

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