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Your messaging should represent who you've become — the elevated experience you offer, the carefully crafted services you have and even the one-liners and sayings your clients have come to know you by. Let's get started with the copywriting services that will make the biggest difference for you, be it website copy, blog posts, emails or even a foundational brand messaging guide.


It just takes three ingredients and a

dash of salt!

On-brand messaging that
sounds like you.

Conversion-focused website copy that stirs dream clients to book you rather than a competitor.

Search engine optimization (SEO) to help clients find you.

Specializing in SEO copywriting for entrepreneurs

"I booked my highest paying client ever immediately after my site went live."

Lauren Braier, Elby creative

Recommended for established brands

✔ Original copy for 5 pages
✔  Brand Voice Handbook (brand statement, brand glossary, brand tone, target audience outline & more)
✔ SEO keywords, page titles, meta descriptions & H1 tags
✔ Two rounds of revisions & review calls
✔ Ready-to-use SEO spreadsheet that outlines current & potential keyword opportunities
✔ Conversion-focused sitemap
✔ Call to action text
✔ Communication with your designer
✔ Pre-launch website design & interface review

Converting website copy coming right up. This is the five-course-meal take on website copy, complete with 5 optimized pages and a 30+ page messaging guide, a valuable tool for creating on-brand content on all platforms.

$4,900 USD (4 payments of $1225)
5-7 week timeline


Ideal for new businesses or website refreshes

✔ Original copy for 3 pages
✔ SEO keywords, page titles, meta descriptions & H1 tags
✔ Two rounds of revisions & review calls
✔ Ready-to-use SEO spreadsheet that outlines current & potential keyword opportunities
✔ Conversion-focused sitemap
✔ Call to action text
✔ Communication with your designer
✔ Pre-launch website design & interface review

Receive written-from-scratch copy with an authentic brand voice, strategically created to convert your dream clients. Choose three pages of your choice such as the home, about and services pages.

$3,500 USD (4 payments of $875)
4-5 week timeline

Low Tide

Most popular


Website Copywriting Services

Your tailored guide to creating on-brand copy. Receive a polished PDF and editable Google Doc. It's a brand book you can use to create consistent website copy, blog posts, social media captions and email campaigns. Look great and sound great too.

✔ Brand statement
✔ Brand glossary
✔ Tagline
✔ Foundations story
✔ Brand values
✔ Target audience outline
✔ Tone
✔ Key differentiators (USP)

Brand Voice Handbook

for your brand's messaging

The recipe book

Skip the 3-month waitlist and spruce up your copy with a one-day copywriting project, complete with strategy and revisions, without delay. Tell me what you need and I'll tell you what's possible. Only available for returning clients.

✔ 1 page of optimized website copy
✔ 1 lead magnet to help grow your email list
✔ 5-6 emails for a funnel
✔ 5-6 canned emails to book those clients with!
✔ 2-4 blog posts (depending on length and content)

Available dates:
July & August 2022


Book a copywriter for a day

The gourmet experience

$1,200 usd


Given that this is web copy for SEO, I'll go beyond the on-page content to notate the necessary SEO tags (H1 especially) and I'll share recommendations for optimizing and titling your images.


The final placement of your copywriting influences its effectiveness. As a result, I’ll assess your final website design prior to launch looking for small tweaks in layout and content!

proposals, canned emails + more

Take your on-brand messaging further with add-on services for client canned emails, proposals, welcome guides and more content that will save you time and buoy up your client experience.

Don't forget dessert

Easily implement your messaging with a copy-and-paste outline (that you or your designer can use) with recommendations for SEO tags. Plus, let me know when you’re ready to launch and I’ll double check your website’s layout and functionality with a video review!

Refine your copywriting with two thorough rounds of revisions. This includes line-by-line feedback and two phone calls to talk through your requests! Your Brand Voice Handbook will be delivered for final proofing after all is said and done with your website copy. This is a use-it-and-love-it resource that will help your brand evolve with consistency.

Once the details are in order, your project will begin! Sit back and relax. I'll infuse your brand with flavor and focus, using proven SEO strategies. First drafts are delivered approximately 2-3 weeks after your start date. You can take it easy during this phase. I'll start with a blank page and take it from there. If you have a template, we'll follow that with a grain of salt, or if you're working with a designer, we'll collaborate behind the scenes to perfectly pair your copy with their design.


The Salted process includes an in-depth look at your brand, audience and goals. I'll get into the details of your company and why you do what you do. This allows me to carefully craft your story with a message and style that is true to your brand. With two signature questionnaires, a strategic video call and in-depth research, we'll bring your brand to life like never before. I'll also present initial concepts early on (tone, vocabulary, elevator pitch ideas...) so you can approve the concepts that will define your first draft.


A Better Look At The Website Copywriting Services Process



Heather Anderson Photography

Elopement Film Photographer

I tell stories with photos and words have never been my strong point. However, I also figured people came to my website for photos so why would I pay for copy. After some research I realized the value in copy, for SEO and a string brand voice. I got both with Lauren and so much more!! Working with her helped me really get clear on my brand vision and mission statement along with boosting SEO. She’s amazing!!

"Working with Lauren was an absolute dream!!"

Kadee, Little Lady Floral


There was a magic when Lauren found the perfect words for my site. She truly knows convey a your unique message and will take your client on a journey. It was also wonderful to be asked questions and to niche down and know my brand more. I'd encourage all entrepreneurs to work with Lauren and book with her quickly. The process and finished product are 100% worth any investment. She truly grasped the direction I wanted to go and took steps to elevate my business further!

"If you're thinking of working with Salted Pages... Don't walk. RUN!"

Alex HD Photography

Family Photographer

Lauren made the daunting task of writing copy for my website a total breeze (and actually a fun process). I was 100% new to writing website content and she held my hand the whole way through and helped me find direction and organize my thoughts in a logical way. She is unbelievably smart and talented, and such a fantastic writer (you just get swept up in her content!). She was so easy to work with, and carefully considered and acknowledged each piece of feedback I provided and worked with me to find the perfect words for my audience and my site (all while keeping SEO in mind).

"You NEED Salted Pages in your life!"

Jess, Studio Crescent

Brand + Web Designer

If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, confused about your website and messaging… you need to stop what you are doing and book a call with Lauren from Salted Pages. Lauren helped overhauled my website (all 7 pages of it!) during my rebrand and I am BEYOND grateful for her. She asked the right questions, conducted so much research, and listened to all of my needs and concerns... She truly made it a partnership. You were the first service provider I outsourced to since I started my business and I couldn’t be happier with the value I received!

"My website now feels more like 'me' than it has ever."

On The House

All custom copywriting clients receive a free website success kit — a PDF and video guide to improving search engine rankings, promoting your website and creating engaging blog posts.

Included with full website copywriting services

Looking for a side of flavor? The below custom copywriting services
are also available.

A la carte copywriting

SEO Blog Posts
Brand Messaging Guide
Email Funnels
Canned Emails
Sales Pages
Pricing Guides
Product Descriptions
Course Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional website copywriter?

A professional copywriter applies marketing strategy, SEO research and writing skills to create effective copy. Whether you're a writer or not, a copywriter brings in outside perspective and insight to produce the most effective messaging possible. Salted Pages content is created to connect with customers, increase sales and tell search engines that yes, you're worth showing up in results.

When should I book my WEBSITE COPYWRITING project?

My calendar is currently booked out by 2-3 months so please get in touch as soon as possible. If you already have a web designer, it's best to complete the copy before starting the web design. However, I am often brought into web design projects after they start and am happy to collaborate with your web designer so we don't delay the entire project. This means crafting copy to fit the design, as well as making suggestions for new design elements that will fit the copy strategically needed for your business.

How do you write copy in my brand's voice?

Prior to any project, you'll be asked in-depth questions about your ideal client, core values and more. This allows me to understand who you are and who you serve, so that when I write for you, I'm writing as you would. My simple copywriting process asks that you provide the raw information so I can refine it and use my proven strategies to create compelling copy. 

How long does it take?

My copywriting process takes us through a strategic route that's as efficient and enjoyable as possible. With in-depth strategy, revisions and other important steps in the process, you can expect a 4-6 week timeline if revisions are submitted when requested. Expect 1-2 more weeks for projects with brand messaging.

Can you just edit what I wrote?

SEO copywriting is like following a delicious made-from-scratch cake recipe. You need the right ingredients to begin with. All custom copywriting projects go through a signature process so as to guarantee the best results. However, if you’ve already worked hard to write your own copy, I offer one-on-one website audits to turn your DIY copy into something that’s more tasteful and effective.

Do you have a web designer you can recommend?

Absolutely. I work with some of the most talented web designers in the industry. Just ask and I’ll be happy to send a few names that will be a perfect fit for your project! 

What's the payment plan?

A 4-part payment plan is applied to every custom copywriting project! 25% is required to book and the remaining three payments are split up throughout the project timeline.

Now, I have just three questions for you.

1. What are people saying about you?

2. What do you want them to say?

3. Does your website get that message across?

Copywriting that resonates with the audience you


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