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Use your website, blogs, emails and every single thing you write to form a connection with the very people who need your services.

You need flavorful, compelling SEO copywriting services, resulting in:

✔ Organic leads straight from Google

✔ An ability to convert leads and increase revenue

✔ More ideal clients — the kind that rave about you

✔ Confidence in your messaging and a clear brand voice


Copywriting Services


I offer a variety of copywriting services for your business. Choose copywriting services such as website copywriting, blogging and even coaching! Select an option below to skip to the section you're interested in.

WEBSITE copywriting

copywriting coach

I deliver on time and always offer two free revisions. I have a list of trusted vendors if you need a web designer!

Sit back and relax. I'll infuse your brand with flavor and energy, using proven SEO strategies. You run the business. I'll worry about the content, so you can be content.

The salted process includes an in-depth look at your brand, audience and goals. I'll get into the details of your company and why you do what you do. This allows me to carefully craft your story with a message and style that is true to your brand.


We'll set up a call to say hello and chat about what you need and how we'll work together. If you're not sure where to start, I'll guide you through your content and marketing needs, creating a clear strategy and plan with deliverables.


The Process



SEO copywriting for your website

Website Copywriting Packages

recommended for established brands

✔ Original copy for 5 pages
✔ Brand voice handbook
✔ SEO keywords, page titles, meta descriptions & H1 tags
✔ Two rounds of revisions
✔ Conversion-focused sitemap
✔ 5 product or service descriptions
✔ Call to action text
✔ Communication with your designer
✔ Pre-launch website design & interface review

Infuse your online presence with full website copy that converts. Plus, refine your brand voice with a messaging guide, a valuable tool for creating on-brand content on all platforms.

$4,300 USD
5-6 week timeline


ideal for new businesses or website refreshes

✔ Original copy for 3 pages
✔ SEO keywords, page titles, meta descriptions & H1 tags
✔ Two rounds of revisions
✔ Conversion-focused sitemap
✔ 3 product or service descriptions
✔ Call to action text
✔ Communication with your designer
✔ Pre-launch website design & interface review

Receive written-from-scratch copy with an authentic brand voice, strategically created to convert your dream clients. Choose three pages of your choice such as the home, about and services pages.

$3,500 USD
4-5 week timeline


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Your tailored guide to creating on-brand copy. Receive a polished PDF and editable Google Doc. It's a brand book you can use to create consistent website copy, blog posts, social media captions and email campaigns. Look great and sound great too.

✔ Brand statement
✔ Brand glossary
✔ Tagline
✔ Business bio
✔ Brand values
✔ Target audience outline
✔ Audience perception
✔ Key differentiators

Brand Voice Handbook

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All custom copywriting clients receive a free website success kit — a guide to improving search engine rankings, promoting your website and creating engaging blog posts.

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Lauren Braier, Elby creative

She made my website copy so much more cohesive and really helped sell my services. I booked my highest paying client ever immediately after my site went live! I really enjoyed how Lauren is open to collaboration and questions. When we went over her changes on the phone, I felt like I could ask her questions and make suggestions without fear of her rejecting my ideas.

Alex HD Photography

The copy she developed sounds like me, only better, and is optimized for SEO, which is something I could have never done by myself. I loved collaborating with her and seeing my world and brand through her eyes, and am SO excited about the content she created for me.

Katie Chamberlain, The Kate Collective

I’m SO EXCITED to launch my website again! If you’re considering Salted Pages, I’d tell you to go for it! The process was easy, yet detailed, and the end result was better than I imagined! I’m a website designer and Lauren and I have recently partnered up to include her services to all of my clients. I LOVE that my clients are no longer stressed out and frazzled with copy. The copywriting doesn’t feel like it’s someone else, it feels like it is the actual business owner which is even better! Thank you, Lauren!

Olivia Craft, Olivia Rae Photography

Lauren did an amazing job with the copywriting for my new website! She was very detailed and professional. Each step of the process was laid out and explained before we started! She is quick with her responses and with each step of the process as well. 
I am so thankful for her expertise and being able to help me in an area that I don't excel at! I would highly recommend Lauren for any copywriting needs!!

Jacki Miller, Owner, Foil & Ink

Lauren has been so wonderful to work with. She's quick with her projects, has wonderful feedback and ideas to make the client's experience a success, and is extremely proactive. I look forward to seeing how much our business will grow with her help.

Maureen Mwangi, Brand strategist, Startward Consulting

Lauren is phenomenal! I appreciate her professionalism and her style of writing. My website represents my tone and voice, and I’m so glad Lauren captured that.

Look forward to continuously working with her!

Jodi Brown, Owner, Amplio Development

Lauren delivers. Few people work as hard or accomplish as much as Lauren does. She is a multi-talented individual who performs at every level task, no matter how great or small. She stands out from the crowd, yet is always wiling to dig in and work side by side with you to get things done. She is brilliant at marketing and strategy. She manages incredible amounts of data, budgets, and facts, yet excels most with people because she gets to know them at the heart and soul level. She is outstanding in every way and will undoubtedly excel in any project she takes on.

Sue Forrest, Owner, The Sue Forrest Agency

Lauren has been working with and writing for the agency for well over a year. Her exceptional writing skills are not the only thing that Lauren brings to the table. What makes Lauren a real asset to our team is her communication skills. She listens intently, asks all the right questions that allow her to understand the essence of our brand voice and then captures that voice and sentiment in everything that she creates for us. Lauren is easy to work with, meets deadlines and produces exceptional work. The agency wouldn't have the online presence it does without the talent that Lauren brings to her work.


Lauren has a skill for anticipating client needs and delivering high-quality, sharped calibre services that have greatly helped our new business. We have implemented a number of the tips, tricks, and expert ideas that Lauren indicated would be wise to implement with our site cleanliness and marketing and we have already seen huge, meaningful improvements. We are very excited to work with Lauren again in this and our other businesses.

Why should I hire a copywriter?

A professional copywriter applies marketing strategy, SEO research and writing skills to create effective copy. Whether you're a writer or not, a copywriter brings in outside perspective and insight to produce the most effective messaging possible. Salted Pages content is created to connect with customers, increase sales and tell search engines that yes, you're worth showing up in results.

how do you write content IN MY BRAND VOICE?

Prior to any project, you'll be asked in-depth questions about your ideal client, core values and more. This allows me to understand who you are and who you serve, so that when I write for you, I'm writing as you would. My simple copywriting process asks that you provide the raw information so I can refine it and use my proven strategies to create compelling copy. 

When should i book my project?

My calendar is currently booked out by 2-3 months so please get in touch as soon as possible. If you already have a web designer, it's best to complete the copy before starting the web design. However, I am often brought into web design projects after they start and am happy to collaborate with your web designer so we don't delay the entire project. This means crafting copy to fit the design, as well as making suggestions for new design elements that will fit the copy strategically needed for your business.

How long does it take?

My copywriting process takes us through a strategic route that's as efficient and enjoyable as possible. With in-depth strategy, live revisions calls and other important steps in the process, you can expect a 4-6 week timeline. Learn more here.

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