The Process

Here's an overview of the Salted Pages website copywriting process.

I never book a project without having a proper introduction first. On our laid-back call, I'll ask about you, your business and why you're interested in working with a copywriter. From there, I'll explain my process in depth and answer any questions you might have.

Free Discovery Call


the first steps

Within 24 hours of our call, you'll receive a proposal. It will list the start date for your project. You'll be able to select the package that best fits your needs. Can't wait to explore the options? Pricing can be found on the services page.

Custom Proposal


Questionnaires & strategy call

The Timeline

Keyword research, market research & copywriting

Two rounds of revisions & revisions call


Complete final edits & prepare for submission

[ 1 month prior ]

[ 2-3 weeks ]

[ 2-3 weeks ]

Final website review & email support

We'll start with the details — getting to know your brand, your ideal client and of course, your services!

Phase 1: Discover

Just before your project start date, you'll be asked to schedule this strategy call.  Together, we'll define the direction for your messaging and approve the initial concepts that will be used in your draft. You'll also get the opportunity to tell me more about you and your services so I can hear your voice and take all the notes!



To prepare for your project, you'll receive two questionnaires. The first is like a personality quiz — asking all about your brand, ideal client and why you do what you do. This will become the core of your messaging. The second questionnaire gets into the particulars of your services, and even asks what you love and despise about other websites.

Once the details are in order, your project will begin! First drafts are delivered approximately two weeks after your start date.

You can take it easy during this phase. I'll start with a blank page and take it from there.

Phase 2: Create

Refine your copywriting with two thorough rounds of revisions.

Phase 3: Revise

After you submit your requests, I'll make the requested changes. We'll also schedule a live revisions call to talk through more in-depth adjustments and polish the content with you. A second set of revisions will be offered after the revisions call.



First, you'll be asked to submit revisions in the copywriting document itself. This organizes changes and ensures that your specific feedback is recorded for implementation.

A key part of website copywriting are the SEO tags you add to the copy! Once revisions are complete, I'll notate the necessary SEO settings (H1 especially) with comments on your copywriting document. This is something your web designer will refer to when adding the copy to the site.


Since the final placement of your copywriting influences its effectiveness, your project will include a final website review after the copy has been added to the website design. This is a video review that includes design suggestions and feedback on the copy placement.

final website review

Receive suggestions for SEO header tags, a key part of website copywriting. Plus, receive final feedback before you launch your new site!

Phase 4: Launch

Alex HD Photography

The copy she developed sounds like me, only better, and is optimized for SEO, which is something I could have never done by myself. I loved collaborating with her and seeing my world and brand through her eyes, and am SO excited about the content she created for me.

Lauren Braier, Elby creative

She made my website copy so much more cohesive and really helped sell my services. I booked my highest paying client ever immediately after my site went live! I really enjoyed how Lauren is open to collaboration and questions. When we went over her changes on the phone, I felt like I could ask her questions and make suggestions without fear of her rejecting my ideas.

Katie Chamberlain, The Kate Collective

I’m SO EXCITED to launch my website again! If you’re considering Salted Pages, I’d tell you to go for it! The process was easy, yet detailed, and the end result was better than I imagined! I’m a website designer and Lauren and I have recently partnered up to include her services to all of my clients. I LOVE that my clients are no longer stressed out and frazzled with copy. The copywriting doesn’t feel like it’s someone else, it feels like it is the actual business owner which is even better! Thank you, Lauren!

Olivia Craft, Olivia Rae Photography

Lauren did an amazing job with the copywriting for my new website! She was very detailed and professional. Each step of the process was laid out and explained before we started! She is quick with her responses and with each step of the process as well. I am so thankful for her expertise and being able to help me in an area that I don't excel at! I would highly recommend Lauren for any copywriting needs!!



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All copywriting clients receive a free website success kit — a guide to improving search engine rankings, promoting your website and creating engaging blog posts.

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