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Let’s talk about the dreamy results (I’m talking inquiries within 5 hours) from these SEO services for photographers, all intertwined with website copy and a Showit website.

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Dreamy Results From SEO Services For Photographers

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Whether you just launched or have had your Showit website for years, this post will walk you through the necessities of submitting your Showit sitemap, and why you needed it yesterday! Luckily, the next best day to submit your sitemap, like planting a tree, is today!

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#1 Launch Mistake: Not Submitting Your Showit Sitemap

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The real question should be, how do I help the right people on Google find my website, and then how do I get them to actually book?

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How do I get on the first page of Google? Wrong question.

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If you want to show up in search engine results, Google Search Console is an effective tool that allows you to track search engine rankings and understand exactly how Google sees your website. If you’re not using it yet, this post will walk you through what it is, how it works and how to get […]

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The Lowdown: What Is Google Search Console?

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I love the fact that Showit enables a completely custom website, but still uses WordPress for blogging. As someone who provides blog writing services, though, I realized that some Showit designs make the blogs hard to read. Using H2 and H3 Here’s the deal. When blogging, it’s important to divide your content into subsections. This […]

Change Wordpress/Showit fonts

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How to Customize Showit Blog Fonts

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