Let’s talk about the dreamy results (I’m talking inquiries within 5 hours) from these SEO services for photographers, all intertwined with website copy and a Showit website.

SEO services for photographers, mixed with copywriting

Salted Pages helped this elopement photographer with everything needed to increase website traffic and create sales: SEO website copy, canned emails, lead magnet, brand voice handbook, and a pricing guide too.

After all, SEO requires more than just keywords and a beautiful website. You need content to go with it.

Website copy to dream about

Big, flashy weddings aren’t for everyone. Sometimes all you need is an intimate elopement, surrounded by your closest friends and family. This Orlando elopement photographer feels the same way, and she’s made it her mission to make those dreamy weddings come true.

After realizing that large weddings and family portraits were not her passion, Amy decided to start from scratch and set her brand in a completely new direction. She needed to revamp her brand to be as warm and hopelessly romantic as she is. You’ll see the Salted style combined with her beachy vibes to make website content worth dreaming about.

The flavor:

Amy is as kind and warm as they come, and it shines through in her swoon-worthy photography. We used these guiding words to make sure her brand voice was as bright and welcoming as her work.


That warm and fuzzy feeling is inevitable and clients can’t help but smile when they read what Amy has to say.


Inviting with that “door’s always open” kind of feel, Amy is more than just approachable, she’s unbelievably easy to get along with. 


Her dash of humor is just dashing. Like lighthearted whimsy, she’s not afraid to banter with an original, charming style. 

The recipe:

  1. Stand out from the crowd with a cheerful demeanor and deep connection that fully illustrated Amy’s experience.
  2. Provide enough details so clients can know they want to work with Amy from day one.
  3. Steer clear of cliches, but still incorporate a dash of humor.


The brand statement:


“My company exists to help joyful, romantic, and adventurous couples capture the memory of the happiest day of their lives with photos they can treasure forever.”


“You’re planning an intimate wedding — let’s just call it an elopement — that is set to be the most memorable day of your life. That’s where I come in. Beachside, tucked away in a rose garden or swept up in the golden glow of sunset, I won’t just meet you there, I’ll guide you the entire way through as a Florida elopement photographer.”



SEO services for photographers with a Showit website

Favorite snippets

SEO services for photographers: using website copy to drive traffic

SEO services for photographers: using website copy to drive traffic

The review

“Before working with Lauren I experienced several issues like not reaching target market and ideal clients, not having a website that truly worked well for me or described what I did, not knowing where to start with SEO and how to get results even though I’ve taken multiple classes, not having an ideas or knowing how to offer a freebie, and having to nail out goals and processes completely on my own with no one to bounce ideas off of.

I love how deep and personal it was and I wasn’t expecting that at all! It felt like Lauren truly took her time to get to know me and my business. She immediately felt like she was someone I could trust and someone that was on my team and truly working on what is best for me and my business. I love that Lauren choose to do video calls when it’s always easier as a business owner to choose a regular phone call. That means a lot! And of course builds our relationship. Bravo!

I also of course loved how I could give Lauren my thoughts and she could turn them into something better than I ever could have hoped for! There were multiple times I had an emotional reaction to things she wrote or got goosebumps and I truly couldn’t have asked for anything better in my wildest dreams. It still blows my mind that she can write my own thoughts better than I can! I feel so grateful to Lauren because being a business owner is HARD and having her there to believe in me, cheer me on and truly want my success is such a huge thing! I finally feel like I have another team member! 🙂

After working with Lauren some of the benefits I noticed was improvement in my SEO – I had a booking within 5 hours of a blog post, having a consistent brand voice, having an amazing website I’m so proud of – because of the copy! Also, having a contact form and pricing guide that allows me to serve my clients better from the get go. This is something I’ve tried to figure out since the start of my business and you finally did it concisely where I get all of the info and it makes sense! The quiz – GENIUS! I’m also feeling more confident in my processes and my business as a whole because it’s finally niched out and makes sense

This is hands down the best investment I’ve ever made for my business. Working with Lauren has forever changed the trajectory of my business and my life. I had no idea what copywriting even entailed before hiring Lauren and her process exceeded my every expectation. It’s a deep process that forces you to look at your business and your goals and really decide where you want to go. Because it’s a deeply personal process, she fully gets to know you and in turn knows your brand voice, which is so huge! Anything Lauren wrote or did for me was spot on, and even better than I could have ever done on my own!”

Tips when looking for SEO services for photographers

Monthly fees from agencies…and what to look out for.⁣

I saw this post on Facebook early this week:⁣ “Can anyone give me any insides on companies or apps or tips on SEO. I just spoke to a company that quoted me $100/month indefinitely to do basic SEO management.”⁣

My first gut response — never pay someone indefinitely for “management.”⁣

That word, “management,” is so vague. What are you even paying for? Oftentimes, that’s a company trying to charge you to pull analytics every month, something you can do for free. ⁣

Figure out the kind of SEO help you need. You wouldn’t book a wedding photographer if you needed a videographer instead. The same applies to SEO. There are vastly different worlds, even though, like photography and videography, they’re both considered content.⁣

So start with a little education and clarity-finding, identifying what you need, and finding a company who specializes in that.⁣

Types of SEO services for photographers

  • There’s on-page SEO (like optimizing your photos and writing great copy and blog posts)⁣
  • But there’s also back-end SEO (like making sure your site loads quickly or fixing header tags)⁣
  • And then there’s the reputation side (building up Google reviews, guest blogging, adding your business to directories). ⁣

There are way too many scams out there, and a lot of these require a bit more work than simple “management.”⁣

As a provider of SEO services for photographers, I advise my clients on all of the above, but focus specifically on the on-page SEO that opens more doors to your website. But I also share all the tips on header tags, load time and getting your SEO reputation built.⁣

Rant over. Money saved (yours, by the way). ⁣

Website copy doesn’t need to be cold or cliche

Let’s keep it warm and inviting! Check out my team’s SEO services for photographers (like our signature website copywriting services) and follow along on Instagram to learn how we keep clients coming back for more. (Like how Amy has booked multiple VIP days and blog audits since!)

Dreamy Results From SEO Services For Photographers

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