With an appreciation for classic style and bespoke experiences, this wedding planner website for industry leader Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties brings an unrivaled air of luxury. Scroll in to see how we used copy and a brand messaging guide to capture that (seemingly) indescribable feeling of reveling in a world-class celebration.

A wedding planner website fit for a white-glove experience

Recognized as a top wedding planner by publications like Brides and Over The Moon, Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties is known for the wedding industry’s best luxury events. This Palm Beach wedding planner and her team diligently customize everything for their esteemed clientele, personalizing it all from in-house stationery to hand-selected welcome bags. Since Posh Parties is constantly innovating and exceeding expectations, our team crafted a similar messaging experience throughout their website and brand messaging guide.

Mockup of the wedding planner website for Posh Parties on a laptop and phone.

The flavor

For Posh’s clients, we needed to roll out the red carpet with our words. At every turn, the copy for this wedding planner website needed to feel iconic yet, understated in a way that was completely unique to the experience that Heather offers her clients. To meet this standard, we chose these guiding words to set the tone.

1. Dedicated. In tune.

Heather brings an influential level of passion and enthusiasm, striking a chord of positivity that makes clients feel seen, and listened to. They immediately get a sense that she is invested in them and their vision.

2. Creative. Chic.

They aren’t “Posh” Parties without cause, so this magazine-worthy feel comes through in their voice, and how they present their work.

3. Knowledgeable. Insightful.

The in-the-know wedding planner, Heather sets the standard when it comes to planning a wedding with indulgent designs, and profoundly in-depth processes.

Mockup of the wedding planner website for Posh Parties on a phone.

The recipe

  1. Create a sleek, yet extraordinary online experience that is fluent in exclusivity and speaks only to her ideal clientele. “They’ll know you when they see you.
  2. Use her website copy to assert her as the foremost authority in wedding planning, showing off her impressive expertise and knowledge of the industry.
  3. Be informative and exceedingly helpful throughout the copy to emulate a truly white-glove experience found in only the most luxurious places.

Mockup of the wedding planner website for Posh Parties on a tablet.

The brand statement


“We approach each event as if it’s a story that’s yet to be told. It starts with a vision and ends with you closing your eyes to re-open them and see your event unfold exactly the way you dreamed. We plan everything from weddings and mitzvahs, to grand openings and charity galas, to birthday parties and holiday gatherings. At Posh Parties, we’re all about you. Your dream. Your vision.”


“Curating and pushing the envelope with concierge-style planning. Your story — and every last detail — will be sculpted with timeless personalizations and easily enjoyed at every step. Known for luxury wedding planning in Palm Beach, Posh Parties has spent almost two decades cultivating a high-touch, timeless approach. With the luxury of chic innovations, full creative direction and in-house logistics, each moment from here on out will be immersive and unparalleled.”

Favorite samples

A sample on Posh Parties wedding planner website.
A sample on Posh Parties wedding planner website.
A sample on Posh Parties wedding planner website.

The brand messaging guide

To put the bow on top of this unforgettable project, we handed off a brand messaging guide filled with 50+ pages of on-brand insights and marketing content. This, paired with a portfolio review of their best work, will give them the tools to elevate their messaging even further. In addition, the copy provided will make their client experience seamless, down to the very emails and proposals the Posh Parties team sends to clients.

Need to elevate your client experience?

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Top Wedding Planner Website: Posh Parties

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