APRIL 2024 UPDATE: Nicole and Michael have since re-branded and updated their website with our help at every step. They’ve broken personal records and made new goals, and even traveled to Europe for the first time!

It takes a lot of courage to really stand out — to step outside of the norm and into a space that only you can define. But that’s exactly what Nicole and Michael did, two impeccably talented creatives, and the owners of Millennium Moments, a photography and videography company in Chicago.

Essentially, these two took a look at the mainstream market for photography and realized that while it is beautiful and has worked for so many others, it wasn’t for them. They wanted to take an entirely different route — something a little more fresh, and perhaps “ridiculously beautiful.”

You can call them trailblazers (and newlyweds too), but for the sake of their business and the clients that are going to 100% mesh with them, well, we titled these two as the “hype duo for kickass couples.” I told you it would be unconventional!

Photography and videography website

Why fit in when you can stand out?

Before I dive into the wonders of this photography and videography website, can we just stop to highlight how powerful this move was? To do their own thing, despite the commonplace trends?

I truly believe that the most successful businesses are the ones who do just this, who keep their heads down, stay focused and do the work that keeps that fire alive. Yes, it’s important to pay attention to what competitors are doing, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow their methods!

The powerful thing about this new website for Millennium Moments is that it truly speaks to their dream audience. It’s not mainstream, and that’s exactly what we were going for. These two are going to be booking more of the right people, and less of the ones they simply wouldn’t vibe with.

And that’s what this is all about. That’s why I do what I do. Sure, copywriting can help you book just about anyone, but the most effective websites will help you book the right people. And when you book the right people, you create even better work, fall in love all over again with what you do and only increase the rate of growth and passion behind your business.

So, are you ready to see their unique spin on weddings and copy too? (If you’re new here, I share a lot about websites because I write the words on them!)


We decided on a brand tone that is both playful and relatable, something that feels like a late-night conversation in the DMs with your best friend.

  1. Casual
  2. Confident
  3. Witty

Photography and videography website

The recipe:

We had one simple goal for this project — to create a photography and videography website that was one thing (along with being optimized, catchy and tailored) and that was to be refreshing, to feel one-of-a-kind compared to their competitors.

Take a look at how we translated that into their copy!

The brand statement:


“Based in Chicago, IL, Millennium Moments LLC is a photography business that specializes in wedding, engagement, and boudoir photoshoots. You’re here for a reason! You’re looking for someone who is artistic, experienced, fun, and relatable! Michael and I are super excited to document these long-lasting moments. We will work alongside you and become the best friends you asked for. We believe in getting to know our couples/clients on a personal level that we have the ability to make your special day come to life! So, don’t hold anything back! Bring out the most unforgettable memories that you will cherish for a millennium and beyond!”


We’re Nicole and Michael — a husband and wife team of Chicago wedding photographers and videographers. More than anything, we believe that this is your wedding, and you should get whatever the hell you want. If epic photos and videos with your long-lost best friends (that’s us!) is a part of that vision, then let’s get into it. We specialize in making you laugh, like real, feel-good laughs, capturing your best angles and cheering you on through this whole marriage thing.”

Brand messaging guide for photographers

What this creative team had to say

From Nicole:

“WHAT CAN I SAY HOW KICKASS LAUREN WAS! I had never worked with a copywriter, so this was a new experience. I had Lauren do an entire website write for Michael and me. Let me tell you! From the beginning she was great at communication, starting off with a phone call to detail the process. After booking my time slot with her, she was going to have me fill out a sheet since I’m not a big typer Lauren was able to schedule 3 other phone calls with me. THIS WAS HUGE TO ME!

Another amazing thing that I love about Lauren is that she really knew how to describe us and put our personalities into the writing. Let’s just say she had A LOT of fun working with Michael and me with our wittiness charm. Lauren was very patient and understanding of what we were trying to portray on our website along with explaining to us what would be the most effective way to get our branding across.

She let us have creative control over being ourselves throughout the whole process. Lastly, it didn’t feel like we were hiring a service and more of working with a best friend! Lauren really helped us narrow down who is our ideal client along with creating cohesion amongst our website, emails, blogs, and Instagram.

LAUREN IS THE NUSRET GOKCE OF THE COPYWRITE WORLD! She quite literally spreads the salt everywhere!!! #spicy WE LITERALLY tell our friends is that it was definitely worth the experience! Lauren truly gave a damn about us, our website, and brand! #nocap HIRE HER!!!!”

The web designer for this photography and videography website

Rachael Earl, the web designer behind this gorgeous site, simply outdid herself yet again. The fonts, the colors, the pairing of images and copy… This is what you get when you give a designer the polished copy and then let her do her thing. Magic. (And built on Showit by the way!)

P.S. We didn’t stop there.

In addition to their photography and videography website, here are a few of the other projects I helped Nicole and Michael with:

  • Brand messaging guide
  • Proposal content (what to say when booking clients)
  • Onboarding emails (what to send to potential clients)
  • Stress-free wedding guide (a lead magnet for their website)
  • Guide delivery email (the email we sent their guide with!)
  • And more!

The Photography and Videography Website I’ll Never Forget

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