Professionalism met poetry with this website content writing project, making this photographer and client want to describe it all as “magic.”

The first draft impression

I’ll start with this note from Tausha — “My favorite part of my experience with Salted Pages was reading the first draft of my copy. I knew right away it was the best thing I could have done for my website and my brand. Lauren truly captured my vision and made it a reality!”

The Flavor:

Before that first draft, though, we hopped on the phone to identify the best route moving forward. We chose these guiding points for her brand’s tone.

  1. Kind. Welcoming. Warm.
  2. Authentic. Real. Loyal.
  3. Creative. Fun. Expressive.

Website content writing project displayed on a mockup

The recipe:

  1. Present words and photos in a way that feels like going to Disneyland or seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time
  2. Showcase her work in a clean, high-end way that makes users want to stay
  3. Establish a peaceful sense of excitement for brides

Website content writing project showed with two screenshots

The brand statement:


My mission is to create something timeless and beautiful, to capture and preserve moments in time for generations to come.”


Love has the ability to transport you, much like the stuck-in-time nooks of idyllic European destinations. Ethereal, timeless and yet with a distinct feel. That’s why, as an Ohio wedding photographer, I seek to blend this sentiment of faraway cities and love stories that are close to home. I want the experience of your wedding day to feel just as dreamy, resulting in photos that will support your love story for decades.”

Website content writing project as displayed on a laptop with the about page open

The review

“Salted Pages is absolutely fabulous! I frequently compare Lauren to a magician. Her words transpire and are incredibly magical. I’m truly convinced that she can bring life to any voice you desire. If you’re not a ‘words”‘ person and want your life back, hire Lauren with Salted Pages for all your copy write. She is simply THE best!

I have had several people mention the copy on my website and I know it is working to draw in my ideal clients — I booked 3 new brides within 2 weeks of launching my site! I love the voice behind my site. I was never able to bring my voice out and now, the copy speaks for me. I’m so grateful for the guidance that was given to me by Salted Pages.”

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Poetic, Yet Professional Website Content Writing

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