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Intrigued by the Northfolk Showit templates? See their work used by real brands, and grab our discount code before you leave. (SALTEDPAGES will save you 15%.)

How we discovered Northfolk

Three years ago, a wedding photographer and client of ours (and who is now our go-to brand photographer, but that’s a different story), told us about this powerhouse design team he found. And that is when we met the Northfolk Showit web designers, Sam and Rachel.

Are Northfolk Showit templates worth it?

From what we’ve seen with our own brand, and with countless clients, the answer is a resounding yes. You’ll find strategy and succinct designs at every corner. If you don’t work in the website world like we do, you may not even realize just how much is packed into their templates.

So while their price tags are above the typical Showit template standard, in all reality, they’re far more valuable and give you way more for every dollar than most Showit website templates. (Use our code SALTEDPAGES to grab one for 15% less.)

Northfolk Showit template examples

When our clients choose to use a Northfolk Showit template for their custom website copywriting project, we almost break into applause. This is because it gives us one of the most successful recipes possible — a Northfolk design, and Salted copy.

For an elopement photography team

Allow us to introduce Scenic Vows, an elopement photography team that needed a website with the same edge they’re willing to literally walk just to get a stunning photo. (They’re safer than that, but still.)

Elopement photography website designed on a Northfolk Showit template

For an editorial wedding photographer in Washington, DC

Did someone say timeless? If so, this website proves just how timeless the Northfolk designs are. Rudney Novaes launched this beautiful statement piece 3 years ago and it’s still just as breathtaking. (He’s the wedding photographer aka our go-to brand photographer we mentioned earlier.) I also love how distinctly different this is from the elopement site — it shows you just how on-brand their templates can feel when you add your own branding, photos and copywriting.

For our very own template shop

Yes! The very same template shops we recommend to clients, well, we shamelessly use them too. A majority of our shop page and individual product pages are all thanks to the fabulous Northfolk shop template we purchased a while back. See that here.

Northfolk discount code

We won’t let you leave empty-handed. Take our code, SALTEDPAGES, and save 15% on the template(s) of your choice.

And if you’re looking for help with SEO, copywriting and customizing your template, you might want to wait on purchasing your template. We offer a free Northfolk template (actually a mix of your top 3 templates) with our copy x Showit template customization services. This means you don’t need to purchase a template at all! We’ve taken care of that for you by partnering officially with Northfolk.

And if you’re a Showit website designer…

Northfolk also leads one of the most meaning-filled and life-changing masterminds for Showit designers. We taught an SEO session just for them and other industry professionals have done the same, in addition to learning Northfolk’s own best practices for passive income with a digital shop. Get the latest updates on their program, Revolving Revenue, here.

Northfolk Showit Templates: Discount Code + Examples

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