Our house specialty (the chef’s special if you will) is luxurious website copywriting. Throw in European-inspired wedding photography with a dash of East coast charm and you’ve got us hooked. This destination wedding photographer had us at “ciao.”

One of the most unique parts? We wrote it all from scratch. No template, no pre-made design. A wireframe with full messaging that we created from start to finish in true collaboration with David and Kristy of David Abel Co. What Ashley Ferreira Design created with the final copy and SEO has us without words (which is rare).

Fine art meets flavorful copywriting

Not unlike the taken-care-of-start-to-finish experience this fine art wedding photographer provides to his clients, our custom website copywriting services took care of four SEO-filled pages, from home page to an education page. And believe us, his luxurious website copy (and photos!) will make you feel like you’ve been swept away to a five-star Tuscan resort.

A luxurious website, with intent

You could say we’re “fluent in luxury.” At least, that’s what we wrote for David’s website copy. As a DC based photographer serving luxury destination weddings, David’s website needed to speak the language of his high-end clientele without feeling too distant. Luxurious, yet considerate and emotive. Like the dream European vacation across the French countryside that’s been calling to your soul.

The flavor

David’s imagery is meant to become family heirlooms, carefully composed and timelessly artistic. To give his website the editorial feel he wanted for his business, we chose these words to set the tone.

1. Discerning

2. Polished, yet poetic

3. Sophisticated

The recipe

  1. Take the brand into the high-end, destination market with luxury-driven messaging that combines clarity with a slight edge of intrigue.
  2. Create a narrative that establishes a relationship, encourages wonder and inspires action.
  3. Evoke an editorial feel.

The brand statement


“Create timeless beautiful imagery for sophisticated and glamorous affairs.”


“A destination wedding photographer with a reputation for romantic imagery and an intimate process that overlooks no detail, David Abel is trusted by couples across oceans to document their legacies. Drawing influence from European destinations, editorial fashion and the stories passed through generations, David is sought after for producing iconic imagery all while encouraging you to savor each moment.”

Favorite samples

Does your business need a more luxurious website?

Book our High Tide custom copywriting service crafted for the luxury market, then take your very own Italian getaway while we get to work (no promises we won’t be on our own European excursion for a little inspiration). Keep up with our latest travels on Instagram, featuring plenty of copywriting tips along the way.

P.S. We write the words that make websites sound this dreamy, and then designers like Ashley bring it all together for something one-of-a-kind.

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