While it can feel impossible to know where to start when putting your photography experience into words, the Salted Pages team has figured out the recipe, creating the thousand words that a picture is worth (give or take a few). Paired with keywords loved by search engines, these copywriting examples show photography mission statements and taglines to inspire you. Think of these as approachable ways to rewrite a photographer’s elevator pitch.

What to put in a photography mission statement?

Mission statements, elevator pitches, USP — there’s a lot of jargon in the photography copywriting world. But in our experience, when photographers ask for help with their mission statements, they’re really asking for help with a mix of an elevator pitch and a unique selling proposition, or in other words, summarizing their brand in just one short paragraph.

Around here, we call that a brand statement. But for these purposes, we’ll let mission statement suffice too. Here’s our go-to recipe:


  1. Your business name
  2. Your main SEO keyword
  3. Your location (if you work locally/want to rank locally)
  4. Who you provide services for
  5. What services you provide (or a brief summary of them)
  6. The transformation — how your offers will benefit your audience
  7. How you do things differently — what makes you stand out from competitors


  1. Your name
  2. What you believe or value
  3. Your mission
  4. Call to action or invitation to the next step

How to create a photography tagline

Ah, the tagline — sometimes the easiest and other times the most challenging thing to write. Don’t worry, though, because you can always update this! For now, create your short and sweet slogan, identifying either what you do or how you do it differently (or both!)

Some ideas to help…

  1. What you do
  2. For [description of your audience]
  3. Your main SEO keyword
  4. What services you provide (or a brief summary of them)
  5. On-brand adjectives of what you do
  6. The year you were founded “Providing x,y,z, since 2001”

Photography tagline examples

Heather Anderson Photography

Adventure elopement photography for daring lovers

MB Bryant Images

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you

Photographer elevator pitch for a film & digital wedding photographer

Rudney Novaes, a Washington D.C. Photographer, specializes in editorial-style photography for couples who want a feeling of luxury and exclusivity to their photos. The copywriting needed to be just as elegant and refined. I had to make sure his brand statement and tagline perfectly encapsulated the unique, yet exclusive experience he creates for his clients.

Rudney’s brand statement is straightforward, yet it provides a curated feeling that’s reflected in his photography. The tagline I wrote for him immediately draws the client in and communicates precisely the sort of refined aesthetic they will find with Rudney.

Wedding & portrait photography elevator pitch

For this wedding photographer in Sacramento, CA, Denise Apgar’s brand voice needed to complement the romantic yet natural feeling of her work. So, we made sure to keep the tone for her content warm and down-to-earth.

As a modern photographer with an organic flare, Denise Apgar’s brand statement captures the chic style she provides to her clients, while encompassing each niche she photographs. The tagline is encouraging and inviting while emphasizing her brand’s heartfelt approach. You can learn more about softly romantic copywriting for photographers in this post.

Copywriting for an elopement photographer

Heather Anderson is a California elopement photographer who is all about the adventure. It was important that her brand statement and tagline communicated that bold spirit.

For Heather’s dynamic brand statement, we used nature-inspired imagery to call on that sense of adventure and spontaneity her clients live for. Since her target audience are drawn to the bold, Heather’s tagline is striking and decisive, embracing the daring spirit shown throughout her photos.

SEO copywriting for photographers & videographers

As the power couple they are, these wedding photographers in Chicago wanted to set themselves apart from the get-go. Our goal was to let clients know that working with Nicole and Michael would be anything but conventional as soon as they opened their website.

This brand statement has that perfect balance between conversational and attention-grabbing, highlighting both the incredible photos and videos this duo captures, and the exciting experience they provide. Not only does the tagline feel playful, but it also draws in those ideal clients for Millennium Moments, high-energy and outgoing couples. Read all about this unforgettable photography and videography website.

For an intimate wedding photographer

As a self-proclaimed hopeful romantic, Amy Britton is one of the most kindhearted and warm people you’ll ever meet. It truly shines through this Florida elopement photographer‘s work, and now through her website copy, too.

We wanted to showcase the personable and welcoming experience her clients get, so Amy’s cheerful and fun-loving personality really set the tone for this bubbly, yet casual brand statement. While it is short and sweet, her tagline perfectly summarizes all the romantic and dreamy feels you’ll get from Amy’s work. With a little Salted flavor and SEO, Amy booked her dream client within 5 hours of her website launch. See how SEO services for photographers can have unbelievable results on the blog.

Another hybrid photography mission statement example

With her background in design, this Annapolis wedding photographer has a curated, yet true-to-life style that makes her stand out. Molly aims to encapsulate the emotions her clients felt in the moment by capturing both the minute details and comprehensive story.

Together we established the tone for her brand as knowledgeable, yet approachable. In her brand statement, you can feel the composed care and insight Molly uses to take story-inspired and design-led photos. And in just one sentence, the tagline we wrote for Molly brings home the understated and timeless flair in all of her work, reassuring her clients that their photos will never go out of style. Check out this blog post to learn how we incorporated a design forward brand voice for this wedding photographer website.

More photography slogans

Like Cassidy’s photos, we wanted to make sure this Cincinnati wedding photographer’s website content felt just as breezy and fresh as a day by the ocean.

Using all those island vibes, we kept Cassidy’s brand statement fresh, but emotive. With the inspiring imagery of the sea incorporated into the statement, you can already feel just how wholehearted and dreamy every photo will be. Cassidy’s tagline is more punchy, getting right to the heart of what she does and all the joyous feelings that come with it. Find out more about this custom copywriting service in our blog post.

Elevator pitch for a portrait photographer

For Kelli, portrait photography shouldn’t be intimidated or overly posed. This San Luis Obispo photographer’s style for families, seniors, and weddings is fresh, yet sophisticated. We found that balance in her website copy, too.

Immediately, the brand statement I wrote for Kelli tells clients she is on-trend and perceptive. We highlighted her uniquely artistic style and her savvy technique but made sure to keep the tone cool and personable. The tagline we settled on is expressive and has the same creative, wind-blown effect captured so well in Kelli’s work. Let us show you more about how we incorporated Kelli’s chic brand voice into her portrait photography website.

For a rom-com loving photographer

Marc Daniele’s editorial style is unapologetically influenced by his love of rom-coms. With a little Salted touch, we curated a website tone for this New Jersey wedding photographer that embraced all the romance of a classic rom-com, and added the luxury his work is known for.

Marc wanted a brand voice that was effective at converting, yet poetic and romantic. The brand statement we decided on incorporates both, while also emphasizing his classic editorial style. Keeping on theme with the story-driven tone, his website’s tagline shows clients the deep passion and artistic skill Marc uses in his own work. On the blog you can learn more about how we kept things romantically playful for this photography website.

For a European-inspired photographer

As a photographer, Tausha Garrett, transports her clients to dreamy destinations through her ethereal photos. So, we made sure to do the same with this Cincinnati wedding photographer’s website copy.

To achieve that romantic effect, her brand statement is expressive and poetic, channeling that blissful and timeless European feel. For Tausha’s tagline, we encompassed all the imagery her clients get with each photo, while emphasizing the comprehensive experience they get with it. You can see more about our website content writing for Tausha on the blog.

Like what you see? There’s more where that came from

Photography mission statements and taglines are our specialty, so you can find more tips and examples on our blog. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the biggest copywriting do’s and don’ts. But, we’re always sharing the best tips and tricks on our Instagram.

If you’re looking for SEO website copywriting like this, get in touch and we can create something tailored to your brand’s needs. Brand messaging guides are a favorite too, and include these very mission statements and taglines!

Photography Mission Statements & Taglines: SEO-Infused Examples

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