I cannot wait to tell you all about this rom-com inspired photography website. Launched in March of 2021, it’s a beaut, and took Marc’s business to another level.

What to say, what to say

Have you ever worked with someone who doesn’t see how incredible they are? If you’re a photographer, I know you’re all too familiar with the “I’m not photogenic” response. As a copywriter, I see something similar from my clients — the one big question, “What do I say?” This sentiment often has photographers rushing my way.

One of my clients came to me with the same frustration. He had no idea where to begin when it comes to what he should say. He needed to express what he feels, but what does he feel? And who really is he even talking to? Who is the ideal client here?

Having dropped a few hundred dollars on Fiverr just to see what might happen, he ended up talking to me. So, we moved forward with three on-brand, personalized, optimized pages.

“The Princess Bride” Flavor:

A rom-com lover who values family? Need I say more? To Marc, it was “inconceivable,” but it was almost impossible for me to not start writing as soon as our strategy call ended. It also helped that I was familiar with his website template from Tonic.

These are the guiding words we used for his photography website copy.

  1. Artistic
  2. Cool
  3. Tactful

Photography website built on Showit for an east coast photographer

The recipe:

  1. Make the website his own and articulate exactly why clients should hire him without being pushy and with a poetic style instead
  2. Attract more mouth-watering weddings by the shore
  3. Create a rom-com experience, but without the mishaps and with all the luxury
  4. Build more brand awareness and become a pillar in the industry

The brand statement:


“Premier Wedding and Portrait Photographer based out of Hamilton NJ, but servicing all areas of New Jersey as well as New York and Philadelphia. I travel just about anywhere so don’t let your location stop you from reaching out because my passport is current and ready! My style of wedding Photography is rooted in photojournalism and influenced heavily by fine art and fashion photography. Which basically means I like to capture candid moments but with class! I provide creative and clean art that is romantic, emotional, and fun! I take great pride in not just being a Photographer, but an artist and a guy you would enjoy having at your wedding or other events!”


Capture the depth, art and uncharted emotions that your love story holds. I’m Marc Daniele, a New Jersey wedding photographer and videographer for couples who are swept up by restless love. I curate wedding photographs and films inspired by nature’s boundless oceans, the sun’s warmth and the faint brush of a warm breeze. Featuring editorial-style photographs with an intuitive, natural experience, I’ll document the distinctly beautiful elements of your wedding day.”

Favorite snippets

Photography website copy sample

The unabbreviated review for his photography website copy

“I am just blown away with Lauren and the entire process. She is AMAZING! I have been stuck for so long on how to fix my website and make it sound like me while also reflecting my brand and was just stuck. I’ve compared my wording to many other photographers, used templates and even hired copywriters off of sites like Fiverr, and nothing could compare to the detail and time Lauren took to get things right. I was concerned if I could afford this but I KNEW I needed it and needed it done right once and for all. I was also working with a designer to revamp my logo and website so this was the perfect time to upgrade my copy as well.

I realized I need to stop wasting money on new toys for my business (I’m a photographer and love buying new camera gear) and actually put the money back into my business instead. Did her services cost more than the work I got on placed like Fiverr? YES! Was she worth every penny? YES and MORE! You get what you pay for and I knew I was in good hands once we met virtually and her communication was so impressive throughout the entire process. I know this is long and I want to go on even more but I will bring this to an end here and tell you to BOOK her NOW! If you have any questions about her service, please ask me and I will be happy to go into more detail. You will not regret hiring Lauren at Salted Pages!!”

Aching for a new photography website?

I’ve got you. Learn more here and say hello on Instagram.

The Rom-Com Inspired Photography Website

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