This wedding photographer website uses a concise, yet approachable tone to capture this photographer’s curated style. Read about this website copywriting project and this photographer’s unique design experience.

Copywriting that is refined, yet real

As a designer, Molly has an eye for the details that can take individual moments and transform them into an experience through her photography. This important talent needed to be captured through the brand voice in her website copy. I channeled her modern femme design style and special ability to capture the subtleties to create optimized website copy for this Annapolis wedding photographer that feels straight from a magazine.

The flavor:

Molly has an impressive background in graphic design that makes her stand out in a sea of wedding photographers. Her masterful knowledge of color theory and composition makes for enticing photographs that draw you in, while also making working with her a breeze. We used these guiding words to lay the foundation for her website’s tone and communicate all of her unique qualities.

  1. Composed. Curated. Concise.
  2. Approachable. Kind. Genuine.
  3. Sincere. Knowledgeable. Insightful.

The recipe:

  1. Highlight her photography style and inspire a connection with enticing copy
  2. Encourage future clients to invest more in their own aesthetic
  3. Help clients see that the overall experience is comprehensive
  4. Convey her thoughts through more carefully crafted wording, so that her clients feel a sense of immediate trust and intrigue when they come to Molly’s website

The brand statement:


“My company exists to amplify my client’s love; and to preserve a small chapter in a significant lifetime. We all have love stories, and my mission is to document each one genuinely, and intentionally.”


“I’ll help you craft a genuine interpretation of your story, documenting the emotions and details that capture the essence of who you are, and your unique love for one another. Each image composed with true-to-life film tones to reflect the natural romance of your day, making it possible for you to feel the celebration, remember the stories and take comfort in knowing that you have photos that will last a lifetime. Based in Annapolis, MD. Traveling to you.

Wedding photographer website

Favorite snippets

Wedding photographer website copy

Wedding photographer website copy

Wedding photographer website copy

Her thoughts on the process

“Oh gosh, I was feeling completely unprepared to showcase my work in the luxury market I was targeting; and overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to hone my craft while juggling all the other tasks that come with a rebrand.

Honestly, the initial breakdown and discovery calls were my favorite part of the process. Laying all the ideas out on the table and volleying with Lauren to see what works and what doesn’t. She brings so much knowledge to the table, and I truly believe creativity flourishes best when two minds are tilling the field, so to speak.

My brand voice is consistent across platforms, emails, and conversation. She was able to really listen to how I speak, so there was no disconnect in personality from my online presence, to in-person.

Also, my copy will stand the test of time. I’ve noticed that although I may want to swap out photos or chance my website design up a bit next year as my style evolves, the copy has aged beautifully and keeps my brand elevated.

Then lastly, although I need to dedicate more time into my SEO development; just being equipped with a better foundational knowledge of how it works and what to prioritize when I’m ready makes me feel more prepared to take that on when the time comes.”

The review

Working together with Lauren turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. Coming from a very independent mindset of doing it all by myself for the past few years, outsourcing didn’t come naturally – but Lauren’s process was thorough, and she not only gave me the tangible tools I needed but the tips and tricks on how to keep moving forward once we passed the finish line.”

Does your wedding photographer website reflect your style?

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Design-Forward Wedding Photographer Website

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