Bold and inviting, let’s talk about the portrait photography website that is both trendsetting and sophisticated.

Written with Salted Pages copy and designed by Foil & Ink, this website was a heart and soul project for Kelli Avila.

By the way, Kelli is a San Luis Obispo, CA photographer for families, seniors and weddings.


The way Kelli talks evokes an artful flair. It’s straightforward when needed and unmistakably expressive. So of course, we had to incorporate that into her overall brand tone. Here are the guiding factors we used for her website copy.

  1. Cool
  2. Perceptive
  3. Creative

Portrait photography website

The recipe:

I start every copywriting project with a big-picture vision. This is what we set out to do.

  1. Create a trendsetting, sophisticated website
  2. Show up as a warm and wise, yet cool and mature expert who’s “with it”
  3. Write content that is functional for both the client and SEO in an informative, simple way that doesn’t feel busy
  4. Become a go-to for new maternity, family and children photographers with a platform that is beautiful, efficient and resourceful, leaving no room for questions

The brand statement:


“It’s my privilege to capture memories that live on to be your family’s legacy. I love to do this with a fun, fresh and modern style in the most beautiful locations.”


“Hey, I’m Kelli Avila, San Luis Obispo Photographer with a fresh, modern style that’s always original and a little unconventional. I have an accommodating, artistic approach that’s all about making it easy for you to feel like yourself, documenting moments in a warm, natural way that feels nothing short of an adventure. My craft focuses on easy-going family photos, free-spirited senior portraits and wildly unforgettable wedding photography. Let’s create art for your home, full of the most amazing moments.”

Her custom messaging guide

Of course, Kelli also received a custom messaging guide to help with the rest of her messaging!

Brand messaging guide

The custom Showit design

Created by the ever-talented Foil & Ink with the platform, Showit, you’ll adore how this entire project came together.

See the live site here.

What Kelli had to say

“Being authentic and true is important but I often need to be softened and refined. I don’t have the time or bran space to articulate everything I want to say and I definitely don’t understand SEO or key words. Lauren came in and sprinkled her fairy dust or (salt) and made everything I had to say sound like a real conversation with the best version of me.”


The Portrait Photography Website That Sets The Trends

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