Jump in and feel inspired by this custom copywriting project for an island-loving photographer. It’s engaging, approachable and filled with personality. We bonded over our love for the ocean and salted sweets. And then it just so happened that the entire root of her business comes from island memories.

I cannot stop looking at and reading all the custom copywriting on this website for Cassidy, this Cincinatti wedding photographer.


All aboard! We took Cassidy’s love for the ocean with an approachable and energetic tone, focusing on the below three flavors.

  1. Bubbly
  2. Sociable
  3. Savvy

Custom copywriting displayed on an Ipad for a photography website

The recipe:

At the start of every copywriting project, we identify our big picture — the elements of the project that we would be amiss without. This is what Cassidy asked for.

  1. Infuse the website with a pineapple style — bright, peachy and punchy with an unmatched energy that is contagious (Cassidy LOVES pineapples.)
  2. Make it easy to navigate and see what Cassidy is about with a dash of her witty humor and bubbly personality


Don’t get me wrong — incorporating a breezy ocean feel into an Ohio photography website… that was not easy, but I am in love with the results. It feels intentional and personable, without making users wonder why we talk so much about the beach.

The brand statement:

And here is one of my favorite transformations — the brand statement. It’s the essential elevator pitch for a brand and wow, can I feel her personality do the talking in that second version!

Take it from Cassidy who was “doing the little happy dance every time I saw a version of the text come in! I loved the feeling of seeing the final product come together.”


“My company exists to capture the memories of my couples and families and to turn them into tangible photographs. I want to capture memories that will exist for a lifetime and for couples to look back on, and to share with the next generations. To capture a moment in time.”


“I’m Cassidy, a Dayton and Cincinnati wedding photographer who gets to capture enchanting love stories over and over again. My style is modern and natural, encouraging moments that capture deep emotions with a breezy feel, similar to the excitement one might expect at sea. Refreshing. Raw. Ethereal. And with that sunny air that makes you feel alive.”

The Brand Voice Handbook

That brand statement you just read? That goes in this handy dandy messaging guide filled with so many other invaluable messaging elements. Now Cassidy gets new website copy AND a resource to write any and everything else.

Brand messaging guide for a photographer

Cassidy’s new messaging guide, the Brand Voice Handbook

What Cassidy said about her custom copywriting project

“Oh. My. Gosh. YES!! You really helped me put my thoughts onto paper! You also helped provide ideas that I never would have thought of. I’m SO EXCITED to see the final product on my new website! You’ve got the best personality and I feel like we really clicked right away.”

Cassidy, I could not agree more! I’ll miss our chats, but oh boy am I excited to share this!

View the new site here.

Oasis or website? This custom copywriting feels like the ocean.

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