I love working on copywriting for wedding photographers because these clients have beautiful imagery and just need help finding words to accompany the powerful stories they tell. Plus, I always pair copy with tailored keyword phrases to increase their search engine rankings.

Psst. If you’re hiring a wedding copywriter, here are a few tips!

Photography copywriting examples

For fine art wedding photographer, Rudney Novaes

A fine art wedding photographer in Washington DC, Rudney has become a dear friend of mine. It all started, though, with his website copy project.

My favorite pieces of copy for this project include…

“Editorial style photography that tells a one of a kind story — your story.”

“Film photography enables me to capture honest emotion, using light and vision to create something that can’t be replicated.”

“I hope these images inspire you as much as they inspire me. From the intricate displays of emotion to the raw joy as lovers say, “I do,” I’m in awe with these details.”

Can’t you just feel the sophistication and emotion? That’s Rudney for you.

A website mockup with copywriting for a wedding photographer. Displayed on an extended screen and phone.

For another wedding photographer, Molly McManus

Another film wedding photographer, Molly has a unique eye for design that certainly needed to be incorporated with her copy. Here’s what we wrote:

“Based on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, I’m a film and digital wedding photographer with an eye for the editorial and a background in graphic design.”

“I capture the subtleties while curating an experience that lets you wrap yourself up in the moment.”

“You care equally about the experience and the emotions, and I’m a photographer who specializes in both.”

Personally, I love how Molly’s copy really brings in the reader. Most copy should do this, but Molly’s has a certain unique twist that, even as the writer, I can’t quite put my finger on it!
Copywriting for wedding photographers displayed on multiple iPad screens

Reviews: copywriting for wedding photographers:

I’m the kind of person who secretly wishes that I could be as talented as these photographers. Luckily, we’ve figured out the perfect partnership — one of combining their art with conversion-focused copy. Here are a few of my favorite reviews, but you can find more five-star testimonials over here.

“I have already told SO many friends about Salted Pages! Lauren is absolutely fabulous! Like literally, she is a magician with her words. I’m truly convinced that she can bring to life any voice that you’d like. If you want your life back and want your site to sounds amazing, hire Salted Pages.”

– Tausha Garrett Photography

“Oh. My. Gosh. YES!! Lauren (you) really helped me put my thoughts onto paper! You also helped provide ideas that I never would have thought of. I’m SO EXCITED to see the final product on my new website! You’ve got the best personality and I feel like we really clicked right away.”

– Cassidy Alane Photography

“Salted Pages is very professional and has a gift of putting into words what I could not. I enjoyed how Lauren knew exactly what I wanted to say in one sentence when it takes me a whole paragraph to express the same thing..lol. I love how she’s cultural well balanced and can work with people of different cultures and backgrounds. I definitely recommend her.”

– Esther Makau

“I would tell them to go for it! The investment is worth it and will pay off again and again. It’s hard to match your own voice, words on a website and your message cohesively, but Lauren made it possible.”

– Brittany Emerson Photography (new website launching in 2022)

Photography copywriting resources

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As for SEO, Ubersuggest is one of my favorite platforms for research, and I use the free Yoast plugin to double check everything!

If you’re a wedding photographer interested in website copywriting services, contact me here! You can also connect with me on Instagram for website, copywriting and SEO tips.

For more photography copywriting examples, visit the portfolio.

Copywriting for Wedding Photographers With Examples

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