Scroll for the 35mm film examples with takes from life at home and walks with the dog. A casual rendering of what I care about most.

I don’t talk about it very often, because it seems like another lifetime ago, but before Salted Pages, there was a journalism college student who photographed a few friends’ weddings, and who always had her good-ole Canon Rebel with her on trips to Europe.

Photography is one of my first loves, and it always will be.

But when I discovered that I could write for photographers, and keep photography as my own personal pursuit and pleasure — that was just what I needed.

After writing website copy for hundreds of photographers, and about 10-20 photographers who specialize with film and digital imagery — I knew I had to try film out for myself. I can’t help but think of that unused dark room in my high school yearbook class — if only they gave us the chance to learn right then and there.

But it’s never too late, right?

So for Christmas of 2022, I treated myself to a 1960s Nikon FE 35mm camera from a local store here in Fort Worth (thank you Fort Worth camera!)

I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist, a straight A student in school, someone who has to edit her work at least three times before sharing with anyone else…so waiting for that first roll to be developed was full of anticipation for me. If, only a few turned out, I told myself I would be happy.

The first roll, revealed

A few turned into many. And since, I’ve taken that camera to Oregon, and to the wine country of Texas for a staycation in which a film camera was the best medium for documenting an unplugged weekend.

Miraculously, this old camera has an auto setting for the shutter, but I’ve used it completely manually as well with a light meter app on my phone (I’ll eventually follow the advice of Rudney Novaes and go for a professional meter).

35mm film examples

Nutmeg was my muse.

The photo I framed on my desk

A reminder that work, when done with leisure, feels more luxurious.

35mm film photos of the Oregon ocean, from my next roll

35mm Film Examples: The Unforgettable First Roll

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