Scrolling through this floral website design is like strolling through a curated garden at a modern art museum. See the artistic tone of voice, grab our recommended floral website template and get a look into SEO for florists.

Floral Website Design Tips

Luxury wedding flowers have become quite the sought-after niche, but it can be hard for florists to book those clients without highlighting the unique aspects of your design, and the intention you put into the full client experience.

That’s why we recommend pairing a strategic floral website template, like this one from Foil & Ink with high-end copywriting that makes your business seem like the only option for the couple reading through it.

Floral website design on Showit with a sleek, high-end and minimal design

The flavor

Jessica, the florist in Richmond, and the founder of Aster & Bee, wanted to walk the line between professionalism and trust, creating an authentic, poetic tone of voice that couples would fall in love with as they read more.

1. Artistic with a nod to whimsy

2. Thoughtful

3. Kind-hearted and approachable

Floral website design on a Showit template

The recipe

  1. Create an inspirational space for couples to see the possibilities of her floral designs, leaving couples both endlessly impressed and ready to book Aster & Bee.
  2. Establish an elevated client experience through her website copy that leads to dream wedding inquiries, with fewer bookings at a more luxurious price point.
  3. Use creative copy to underline florals as a form of artwork, showing both her passion for the artform and your expertise in a way that reassures clients that her florals are worth investing in.

The best florist marketing and SEO, all wrapped up into this Showit floral website design for Aster & Bee

The brand statement


“My mission is creating dreamy and romantic florals. Truly creating art.”


“Here at Aster & Bee, I root every floral design in sentimental, styled selections — often locally sourced, always hand-selected and undeniably immersive. Floristry is an artform, an opportunity to create an impactful, personalized environment for your wedding celebration. Each vase, each handheld bouquet and each dreamy installation will seemingly overflow with your stories. The color, textures and of course, the overall aesthetic will contribute to a flourishing design, backdropped by a delightful experience.”

Favorite samples

“Experience beauty in full bloom.”

“From concept to installation, this floral design process features sustainably-sourced flowers and custom selections that are sentimental to you.”

“Dreamy Textures. Dynamic Movement. And Always Something Unexpected.”

“With feet-on-the-ground wedding planning knowledge — and an affinity for artistry — I’ve refined an effortless floral design experience that is personalized and beautifully poetic. From dramatic floral arches to styled boutonnieres, my collaborative method lends itself to ethereal designs worth dreaming about. And certainly worth this once-in-a-lifetime gathering of friends, family, blooms and love.”

From floral website template to tailored & indulgent

One unique aspect about this project with Aster & Bee was that we worked directly together without a web designer. Jessica purchased a Showit website template, and then worked with us to strategize the website layout, SEO and of course, to write the top-to-bottom copy for every page that brings it all together.

Here’s what she noted about that side of things. And keep in mind, this copywriter x client collaboration saved her $3k plus on custom design.

“It means so much to me that you all walk through and triple-check everything. This website has turned out even better than I had originally imagined and that’s mostly because of the advice you’ve given with moving to showit, template recommendations, etc. As someone who had zero knowledge about web design/copywriting, and felt completely overwhelmed at the beginning, by the end of this project I’ve felt so empowered and confident AND most importantly, ready for the new and improved A&B. Now I have the brand & image to not feel that imposter syndrome.”

More floral website design insights

Stay in touch on Instagram for more ideas, tips and insights. And of course, if you’d like to similarly tailor your copywriting and launch a new, luxurious website, you can learn more about our website copywriting services here.

The Latest Floral Website Design: Artistic & SEO-Rich

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