While we absolutely love the style of classic wedding photography, this Alaska wedding photographer‘s moment-driven approach to film and digital photography inspired a minimal, yet creative photography website. Keep reading to see the results.

Following suit: a creative photography website for captivating artistry

Zoya Dawn is not your run-of-the-mill photographer. Aside from living in Alaska (which on its own is unique enough), Zoya’s photography method is authentically photojournalistic, unposed and unrestricted. So as this project began, we knew her website copy had to be just as unique. Together, we set out to write copy that embodied what it meant to truly live in the moment, content that would eloquently fit her new creative photography website.

A mockup of this creative photography website on four tablets to show the unique copywriting style.

The flavor

Along with this no-frills approach to photography, we needed a tone of voice that was similarly inviting, yet intriguing. We came up with these descriptors to channel the same captivating mood in our copy that Zoya captures with her photography.

1. Relatable

2. Evocative

3. Minimal

A mockup of this creative photography website on a laptop to show the unique copywriting style.

The recipe

  1. Make the transition from intimate elopements into family-focused weddings with the same level of connection and emotion while featuring film photography.
  2. Create a brand voice that remains true to who she is, laid-back and artistic, while avoiding the over-the-top cliches of the industry.
  3. Welcome the reader with a kind heart, setting the expectation for an easy-to-navigate and streamlined experience without coming across as salesy or disingenuous.

A mockup of this creative photography website on three phones to show the unique copywriting style.

The brand statement


“My brand exists to capture real genuine moments, not posed photos. Capturing timeless moments and images that feel like the truest versions of ourselves.”


“Drawn to the artistry of the present, I’m Zoya Dawn, an Alaska wedding photographer. You’ll discover that my work depicts an artistic reality because of my reliance on a photojournalistic approach. I seek to give you the depth, time and space to breathe each other in. To tell your story through the lens of a day uninterrupted, creating art that represents your life, and the real connections you have. The intention is to mindfully render imagery that makes you feel seen and heard, photographing the full story — and all of the relationships — that built you as a couple.”

Favorite samples

Screen capture of the home page of Zoya's creative photography website.
Screen capture of the details page of this creative photography website.
Screen capture of the about page of this creative photography website.

Zoya’s thoughts on the process

[Before working with Salted Pages, I struggled] Putting my thoughts into words. I tried many times to write my own copy and I kept getting caught up in what other people were writing, it never sounded like me and it wasn’t encompassing the feelings I wanted people to feel when they read my website.

“[I loved] How streamlined everything was, from the start I knew what I needed to get done to move forward. Being able to see everything laid out in Asana was very helpful. The phone chats were great and I was able to get a better vision for my new website. Not only was the copy amazing, the walk-through at the end that helped point out flaws in the design was so helpful, it made my website ten times better than what I had originally.”

The Review

“[After working with Salted Pages] I finally have a website with copy that I love! I have increased traffic to my website. My previous site had no SEO… I have already recommended [Salted Pages] to others!”

Want a creative photography website of your own?

As a team of SEO copywriters, we specialize in creating website content that not only reflects your work, but your personal voice, too. Explore our custom copywriting services to get a creative photography website that actually sounds like you.

The Creative Photography Website We Can’t Stop Dreaming About

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