The key to having a website as bold as your brand? Unique copywriting that sets trends and sets the tone for a one-of-a-kind client experience. We took that spunky tone and ran with it for this Tulsa furniture rental company’s groovy website that truly brings the party.

Setting the scene and setting the trends

Lesley, the founder of Stay Gold Event Rentals, has always held an affinity for vintage finds, regularly searching her local estate sales growing up for the latest pre-loved hidden gem. So she truly found her niche with her vintage and refurbished wedding rentals in Tulsa.

Standing out with unique copywriting

Each piece Stay Gold Event Rentals adds to their collection of vintage, yet modern rentals is full of character and brings a unique flair to any wedding lounge set up. But while Lesley’s thrifting and interior design skills made a splash, Stay Gold’s website was in need of that special spark. Together, we set out to create a website that stood out from every other wedding industry standard. And the result was a bold website experience with plenty of funk, lots of personality, and of course, unique copywriting. The cherry on top? A brand voice handbook to make sure the vibes stay strong throughout all of Stay Gold’s content.

Mock up of a furniture rental company's unique copywriting on four tablets.

The flavor

As someone whose entire job is to set the mood, Lesley knew that her website content needed to channel the same inviting, yet dynamically trendy vibe her lounge sets do. To do that, we chose these tone words to guide her brand voice:

1. Unique

Simultaneously vintage and modern, Stay Gold is ahead of all the trends with expert foresight. They’re the master of subtlety standing out and tastefully setting them apart.

2. Easygoing

Coolly amiable and warm, Stay Gold’s inviting feel is like stepping into a made-for-you cocktail bar. They go with the flow, but people can depend on them.

3. Spirited

Upbeat, but in a sophisticated way. Stay Gold’s pieces are dynamic, and so is their brand.

Mock up of a furniture rental company's unique copywriting on a desktop, a tablet, and a phone.

The recipe

  1. Create a website that doesn’t feel like the ordinary wedding site, a reprieve from planning — something more inspiring and intriguing than salesy.
  2. Be upfront, but concise, with policies and procedures so clients know what to expect and don’t have to ask a million questions.
  3. Serve as a resource for couples looking for inspiration when planning events.
Mock up of a furniture rental company's unique copywriting on phones.

The brand statement


Lesley felt she didn’t have a brand statement that fit her spunky brand voice, so we started with a fresh page!


“Stay Gold Event Rentals is a Tulsa furniture rental company with a curated collection of event and wedding furniture and decor. Don’t just furnish your event or give people a seat, give them a space to settle into where they can unwind, join conversations and create memories.”

Favorite samples

Lesley’s thoughts on the process

“I struggled with being able to concisely convey all the information I needed to get across on my website. Writing copy that conveyed my professionalism but also matched my super fun and bold branding. And of course SEO! I didn’t realize how bad my SEO was until we started working together!

[My favorite part of the process was] really seeing how I need to be incorporating key terms into any copy to optimize SEO and understanding more about how that is done. And reading my copy for the first time and really feeling like you truly got what I was trying to say and put it into words I would have never been able to come up with on my own… I’ve also been able to hone in on my brand voice and I feel like it has made things like writing IG captions so much easier! And having copy to refer to when writing things like marketing materials has been sooooo helpful instead of starting from scratch!… 

I will be singing your praises for years to come! And hopefully this starts a trend in the Tulsa wedding industry of vendors working with professionals to create their websites and we can see more Salted copy in the area!”

The review

Working with Salted Pages was such a breeze and made a very overwhelming task of producing an entire website of copy feel more manageable. Lauren was able to capture a long list complex policies and convey them in terms that are more easily digestible for my clients. And she was able to keep my tone and copy professional but fitting to my fun and non-traditional brand. I would hire again and again!”

In need of unique copywriting, too?

Our custom copywriting and brand voice handbook services are made with your unique needs in mind, plus a dash of Salted flavor. But if you’re hoping to make it a DIY project, use our brand messaging template with a little help from our brand messaging examples blog post.

Unique Copywriting With Eye-Catching Results

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