Created for entrepreneurs who:

• Struggle to write about themselves and their businesses

• Aren't booking the right clients or getting leads at all

• Don't know what to write on their website

• Need to establish more trust with potential clients

A practical workbook to help you narrow down your brand identity and who you serve


Make sure your site is ready to go live

A clear and concise checklist with all of the content you need per page (home, about, services, contact, blog)


To help you get over your fear of that blinking cursor

writing tips

The formula you need to start filling in the blanks


Tips for finding the best keywords and search phrases (hello search engine optimization)


content checklist

in the seo copywriting guide

What's Included

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I’m a full-time SEO copywriter. I work with small businesses day in and day out to create effective, flavorful website copy.

I focus on copywriting and content marketing, but get a kick out of all things branding, business, productivity (and dogs)!

I’ve decided to spill my secrets. This SEO Copywriting Guide shares my exact copywriting process. It's a way to DIY your site, almost as if you have a professional copywriter working at your side.

I can't wait to see your business grow with these tips. Although these are meant to lay the foundation for your website as a whole, you can apply a lot of the same tools to blog writing and landing page writing!

Hey! I'm Lauren.

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