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Take a look at a beauty copywriting example from our project with hair and makeup artist, Angela Xuereb.

The hair and makeup artist

Angela Xuereb has built out a gorgeous brand for her hair and makeup artistry business. She’s extremely talented and now trains other hair and makeup artists to be a part of her team.

Her original website was lacking the luster that her business is full of. This often happens as businesses grow and Angela was ready for her website to feel more polished. The Kate Collective and I partnered together to create a perfect website for her. Katie designed the site and I wrote the SEO website copy!

Developing a strategy for more contact form submissions

One of my favorite parts of Angela’s project, besides the end result, was the dialogue we had throughout the project! We discussed things in depth, such as SEO and contact forms. Usually, simpler contact forms are more effective as they make it easier for new clients to reach out. However, Angela needed a contact form that would allow her to gather as much information upfront as possible from new clients. As a result, we moved forward with required contact fields, but an assurance for clients on the contact page that more details guarantee a faster quote! See the text below!

This creates less back-and-forth for Angela with new clients, and it explains clearly to leads why that information is needed now. I love when copywriting makes things easier for my clients like this!

Beauty Copywriting Project Focus:

From Angela:

“Getting my brand across, making brides feel confident booking me and looking more polished.”

Favorite Pieces of Copy:

“Mobile hair & makeup artistry that makes you feel stunningly confident.”

“Our team of professional hair and makeup artists will work with you to achieve the exact look you’ve been musing over. Let’s identify your needs, talk through your concerns and make you feel even more beautiful.”

“Embrace the beauty that is yours and yours alone.”

Kind Words from Angela:

“From start to finish you were amazing to work with. You offered fabulous advice that made sense, and prioritized my ideal client’s needs. Working with you was so easy and so enjoyable. I would, without a doubt, recommend you to friends and coworkers.”

Thank you Angela for being an amazing client! I’m so excited for you.

View the new site here.

beauty copywriting

Beauty Copywriting Review:

“Would highly recommend! Salted pages was amazing to work with and has forever changed the way I think about websites and connecting with clients. So grateful for all of Lauren’s hard work!”

If you’re interested in beauty copywriting, contact us here! You can also follow along on Instagram for copywriting tips.

Beauty Copywriting Examples (SEO Friendly Too!)

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