Don’t trip up potential clients with these common writing mistakes! 
Common writing mistakes as explained by a website copywriter

1. Using the word, “can”

What you’re using:

I can provide this. I can do that. I can assist you.

What’s better:

I provide this. I do that. I assist you.
Or: I will assist you.
(Of course, don’t just use “this” and “that.” Get specific!)

2. Using “help” when you can just remove it

What you’re using:

I’ll help with this. I’ll help you through the process. I’ll help make your life easier.

What’s better:

I’ll [use a specific verb] this. (I’ll optimize this. I’ll curate this.) I’ll guide you through the process. I’ll make your life easier.
*Sometimes it’s as simple as removing “help” and leaving the sentence as is. Other times, you need to pull out your dictionary and find better words to use. It will help you… I mean, it will result in messaging that is clear, straightforward and not at all clunky.

3. Any phrase with “able to”

What you’re using:

I’m able to offer this. I’m so glad to be able to be here.

What’s better:

I offer this. I’m so glad to be here.
“Able to” is another bad version of “can” that just trips up your writing. It’s super common in speech so it easily gets mixed in with copywriting too.

Clunky & Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid

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