For this planner and her destination wedding planning team based in Arizona, the classic glamour of old Hollywood is as dreamy as it gets. So we honed in on that sophisticated feel throughout our copywriting for this wedding planner.

A dream, perfectly planned

Kayla has known she wanted to be a wedding planner since she was just a teenager. And she was committed! Kayla purchased the Some Like It Classic business shortly after she got her diploma. Now, years later, she’s planned hundreds of weddings with an organic elegance that can only come from a seasoned pro.

Adding elegance as a copywriter for wedding planners

Except, her website just wasn’t hitting the mark. Together we set out to solidify her and her team as a trend-setting authority in full-service wedding planning. One of the most important aspects of this project was maintaining the essence of the brand as it had been established, but also to elevate it into a high-end, yet innovative space. And with the custom website design from our friends at Foil and Ink, we made it happen.

The flavor

With a dash of Marylin Monroe and a hint of Audrey Hepburn for inspiration, this website for wedding planners hit all the marks. We used these words to set the tone for Kayla’s project:

1. Classic

2. Feminine

3. Aspiring

The recipe

  1. Stay true to what the brand represents, but give it an elevated twist.
  2. Create a connection, one that is almost intimate, between the team and the readers.
  3. Present Kayla as the main guide behind the business, but allude to the team she’s built and the role they play.
  4. Establish full-service planning as the main offering for the business while also explaining the planning process in an elegant way.

Example from a copywriter for a wedding planner.

The brand statement


Kayla felt that she didn’t have a brand statement, so we started with a blank page!


“The lead designer and destination wedding planner behind Some Like It Classic, I’m Kayla. For the last 8+ years, couples have trusted me to create an overall atmosphere, not just a wedding design or logistical plan — something that guests still talk about years later. Let’s start with your vision and top it off with a sincerely refined and romantic event.”

Favorite samples

Example from a copywriter for a wedding planner. Designed on Showit and optimized for search engine rankings.

Need help from a copywriter for wedding planners?

We love incorporating a sophisticated flair to give wedding planner websites that elevated feel (and better conversions). Our custom website copywriting services can be personalized to fit your unique brand voice, or completely transform it.

An Indulgent Example From A Copywriter For Wedding Planners

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