I love working on copywriting for coaches because these clients are often individuals with passion and wisdom. They know who they want to help and their messaging just needs some adjusting to make an impact.

Cara came to me through a referral from Wanda Isabel. Like a lot of other small business owners, Cara needed help talking about herself and creating content that would connect with her ideal clients. Her previous website wasn’t hitting the key points of her business and how she can help families not only manage money, but find positivity with money too. She was worried about being too wordy and forceful with her pitches (aren’t we all?). It’s a common problem I see on websites and I was so excited to help!

Copywriting Project Focus:

From Cara:

“I want my core website to look the best it can. I am hoping that by working with you, the story the website will tell will be the best reflection of me and my business.”

An Introduction to Cara Croxton:

Cara is a personal finance coach who focuses on empowering families to lead debt-free lives. Cara is passionate about family, helping others and living an open and transparent life. She’s a dog lover too, which definitely scored her some bonus points in my eyes. She worked in corporate America for 22 years and now helps families redirect their financial paths. Cara officially launched her new website and I’m thrilled to celebrate with her.

Congrats Cara on the new website and the many new clients that will come to you from it! And thank you Wanda for the referral and for helping Cara create such a beautiful website.

View the site here. Don’t forget to read the words after you finish drooling over the beautiful design!

copywriting for coaches example


If you’re interested in reinventing your website copy, reach out here! You can also follow along on Instagram for helpful copywriting tips.

Copywriting for Coaches | Cara Croxton

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