Storytelling is a key part of any website to draw the reader in and make a meaningful connection. We took that to heart for this Scotland photographer’s elopement website, weaving in immersive imagery with a light-hearted tone to capture Scotland’s beauty and the adventurous spirit of elopements. Complete with fluffy cows and bagpipes.

A project close to our Highlander heart

At Salted Pages, our travels are constantly inspiring the copy we write. Scotland is one of our favorite destinations, but we might be a little biased because Amy lived in Edinburgh for a year soaking in all the Scottish beauty during her studies. So this project for a Scotland elopement photographer was a match made in heaven.

A mockup of the investment page on a Scotland photographer's elopement website.

Capturing the iconic Scottish charm for an unforgettable elopement website

Natalia is the kind of elopement photographer you can steal a horse with… Well, not literally. Natalia is originally from Poland and her favorite saying is “móc z kimś konie kraść,” which when translated to English means “someone you can steal horses with.” It’s very similar to the partner-in-crime sentiment used pretty often, someone who is seriously fun to be around and ready to try anything once. For her website copy we incorporated that same inviting heart with a hint of moody aesthetic to hone in on Scotland’s unique charm.

The flavor

Although her photography style is mystical and dramatic, Natalia wanted to stay true to her warm personality throughout her website, so we chose these words to set the tone for our copywriting:

1. Approachable

2. Seriously fun

3. Well-rounded

A mockup of the about page on a Scotland photographer's elopement website.

The recipe

  1. Show the contrast of Natalia’s personality and Scotland itself, with refreshingly valuable and enjoyable tips that are hard to find if you’re not local.
  2. Build a reputation for Highland elopements, utilising the moody and dramatic feel of Scotland to evoke emotions in the reader, while keeping it lighthearted.
  3. Emphasize the start-to-finish Scotland-style storytelling (not 2-hour elopements) while avoiding the cliches of the photography industry like “I’m a storyteller.”
A phone mockup of the home page on a Scotland photographer's elopement website.

The brand statement


“My company exists to create unforgettable memories for adventurous people who love the idea of a romantic elopement surrounded by incredible Scottish scenery.”


“A Scotland elopement photographer based in Edinburgh (but a Highlander at heart), I’m Natalia. I’m here to share a diverse range of advice and ideas while creating awe-inspiring imagery through the lens of Scotland’s cinematic romance. With me, we won’t run from the rain, we’ll run straight into it (or into a nearby cafe for some classic, cosy photos). You could say I believe in embracing the iconic, ever-changing mood of Scotland that brings couples like you here in the first place. After all, I’ve documented over 50 elopements in the splendour of the Scottish Highlands. Whether you’re jumping into puddles or snuggling up together underneath the misty sky, I’ll capture your connection and encourage as much fun along the way as possible.”

Favorite samples

The review

[Before working with Lauren and Amy] I had trouble with reflecting my personality in the words on my website and I didn’t know how to make it unique, I often ended up using clichés without being able to translate all the things that make me different to other photographers to words. I loved your excitement about the project and the way that you translated my love for photography and beauty of Scotland into a website that guarantees extraordinary experience for my clients, aiming the brand’s message at my ideal client. I loved all the Scottish details, phrases and cultural references you added making my website quintessentially Scottish! [Now I’ve noticed] SEO improvements, [the] inquiries I’ve been receiving are more suited for my business and allow for more creativity, [and] I stand out in the sea of competition. You’re incredible at what you do and [photographers] should hire you if they want their business to stand out and achieve success!

Does your elopement website need some flavor?

Whether your brand voice is upbeat and adventurous or luxurious and exclusive, our custom website copywriting is made to fit your tastes and convert ideal clients. Still wondering if we have the ingredients for your brand voice? Our copywriting portfolio ranges from destination photographers, to a la carte florists and eco-friendly interior designers. But you can always keep up with our most recent projects on Instagram!

Telling A Story With This Photographer’s Elopement Website

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