Traveling couple

Kisses are better on ferris wheels.

Have you ever imagined being able to eat warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies, but without the calories?
I think that dream is comparable to Gwyn and I’s situation right now. You see, Gwyn, the amazing guy he is, got a job with a regional carrier for American Airlines. But, the law of the land requires that he has 1,500 hours before he can start working for them. As such, he’s an instructor at our local airport working on his hours, but he already gets the benefits for his new job. And that includes flight benefits.
So here we are, young and broke, but with flight benefits. We don’t feel so broke any more.
We’re getting those benefits, the warm chocolate chip cookies, without the calories, because Gwyn’s not working for an airline yet. He’s not gone for a whole week, leaving me a single dog mom, yet. He’s at home with me every night, and we get to travel.
It’s a magical thing. So, naturally, we wanted to test out these ‘flight benefits.’ We got the dog a babysitter and took the first flight to LA, with plans to catch the last flight back to Salt Lake that evening. One day, in and out. Why not?
We rented a car and got a Mustang, to Gwyn’s delight. We ate seafood at Bubba Gump’s, rode the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier, and we walked on the beach. Gwyn got his trousers soaked with the salt water. I got sand in my toes.
We found cute canals in a neighborhood called Venice.
I had Panera Bread for dinner. Because somehow Utah doesn’t have it. But California sure does.
And then we went back to the airport and flew home. It was too late to pick up Duke, so we picked him up the next morning. And that was it. We flew to the beach and back as if we were rich and had all the time in the world.
We even got first class on the way home.
On Monday, we went back to work.

He Whisked Me Away to LA

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