There’s nothing like a dash of good-natured Southern charm to make any high-end website feel more inviting. We incorporated that Southern comfort into our copywriting for this wedding photographer in Alabama to make a website that pleases the eye and warms the heart.

An origin story we adore

Kate, the founder and lead photographer of the Haint Blue Collective, named her business as a nod the southern tradition of painting porch ceilings blue to ward off unwanted spirits, or “haints.” With the web design taken care of by the ever-talented Foil and Ink, and such a unique, yet personal story behind this photography business, we immediately knew this project wouldn’t make us anything but blue.

Mockups on a tablet screen for a high-end website for an Alabama wedding photographer.

High-end website copywriting that tells a story, too

With Kate, we struck the balance between high-end website messaging and a narrative that emphasizes her storytelling approach. The photojournalistic aspect of her work is grounded in film photography, so we emphasized her skill in both film and digital mediums to make sure our copy wasn’t limiting.

The flavor

To incorporate the warmth of Southern hospitality with a high-touch feel, we used these words to set the tone for Kate’s website:

1. Warmhearted

2. Creative

3. Attainable Luxury

A before and after of the web design template used for this high-end website for a wedding photographer in Alabama.

The recipe

  1. Emphasize the story and approach to the photographs with a clear, yet creative navigation — using high-end website messaging that results in a higher income, but less overall clients per year.
  2. Continue to build a reputation for weddings without overlooking the local, lifestyle work that stabilizes the business.
  3. Showcase the artistic roots in film photography without confusing clients, or over-committing to a medium that isn’t the best option in every lighting situation or space.

Mockups on a tablet screen and phone screen for a high-end website for an Alabama wedding photographer.

The brand statement


Kate felt she didn’t have a brand statement that captured her business, so we started with a blank slate!


“I’m Kate, a film and digital wedding photographer in Alabama trusted by couples to create art that evokes emotion. By encapsulating a photojournalistic direction, along with a finesse for styled poses, my team and I consistently create collections of subtle captures and sophisticated images that — to put it simply — can never be replaced. While my work has resulted in awards and publications, I believe that it’s the unwavering devotion — to the stories of my couples, and the art itself — that makes each image distinct, and ultimately unforgettable.”

Favorite samples

The review

“Before working with Lauren, I had so many ideas in my head that I wanted to get on my website. I wanted to be able to take everything I was thinking and tell it to my clients in the way it needed to be communicated. Lauren made the process so easy. I loved being able to revise things with her. I feel completely confident in the copy that is going to go on my completely new website and new branding. Salted Pages, you’re the best of the best!”

Hoping for high-end website copy that still feels true to you?

Fusing character-filled copy into luxurious websites is our cup of tea, so send us a note if that sounds like you! You can have on-brand copy that still feels high-end, so let us serve it up with our website copywriting services.

A High-End Website With A Hint Of Southern Charm

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