Website copywriting is a key aspect of your brand. A seamless design with easy-to-use navigation and high quality photos are often prioritized, but your customers (and Google) will have no idea what you do if you don’t tell them. That’s where copywriting comes in. Here are some tips to use when hiring a copywriter:

Hiring a copywriter

1. Read through writing samples.

This is the most crucial part of the hiring process. Do they have samples, and when you read through them, do you see the quality you want on your website? Spelling and grammatical errors are obvious red flags, but there are some other less noticeable habits to watch out for. Do they use the same phrase or tone in multiple samples? Does their writing differ depending on where it’s published? A good website copywriter will adjust their tone to match the audience or brand. For example, copywriting for a photographer will sound different than copywriting for a fitness company.

Take note of the publish dates if you’re interested in how long they’ve been writing. Moreover, pay attention to the industries and types of brands they tend to write for.

2. Review testimonials from clients.

If the writing samples pass the test, then it’s time to check out the copywriter’s reviews. What are actual clients saying about the process? Can you see five-star reviews from previous website copy clients? These reviews will give you a decent idea of what to expect when working with your copywriter and can also warn you of any potential issues.

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3. Look over their website and social media accounts.

One of the best ways to double check the quality of a copywriter is to look at their website. This should be one of their best pieces of work, especially if they offer website copywriting as a service. Does their website communicate their message well? Does the copy connect with you as a potential client? If done correctly, their website should be something you love or hate, with branding that speaks to you, or that simply doesn’t. Now, you can definitely hire a copywriter with a brand you’re not so fond of, but for the most part, their website should impress you and convince you to see what they can do with your website.

As for social media, see what they’re up to. Some copywriters share what goes on behind the scenes, giving you an insight into how they work.

4. Do a Google search with the copywriter’s name.

The copywriter’s most recent and relevant samples should be on their website, but if you want to see more work, and potentially read reviews from other sites, simply look up their name in a quick Google search.

5. Request a quote to see how they communicate.

Once you’ve decided you’re interested in a copywriter, reach out for a quote. Their communication process at this point can either make or break the deal. A good copywriter should respond in a timely manner and have an efficient, and clear process. If they can’t communicate well with you, how will they communicate effectively with your audience? In addition, the copywriter should be excited about the project and enthusiastic about working with you.

6. Determine the value you need.

Determine the overall value you’d like from your copywriter. Consider the project scope, industry, and level of expertise you need. Some copywriters may help you strategize the pages your website needs, whereas others may simply write for the pages you request.

Be aware that not all copywriters offer SEO, but is something that most businesses find essential unless they have a strong referral base, and aren’t looking for organic leads through Google. (You should want both.)

When you get the quote, you might find yourself hoping for the lowest cost possible. This, however, can lead you to working with inexperienced, inefficient copywriters. Instead, their pricing should show their value. Copywriting pricing typically includes the interview process in which they get to know you and your brand, the writing, revisions, keyword research, and more. Plus, copywriters have overhead costs too, such as finances, computer programs, CRMS, etc. The price should take all of this into account. Although hiring a more skilled copywriter may come with a higher price tag, it should also deliver the results you want, delivering a return on investment and making their price tag worthwhile.

7. Interview the copywriter.

Your copywriter should be an extension of your business. Take the time to ask the right questions:

  • Tell me about your experience.
  • Do you have an industry you focus on?
  • What projects have you worked on similar to mine?
  • What are some benefits of working with you as opposed to someone else?
  • Please describe your process — how would we work together?
  • What’s your approach to writing for my brand specifically? What’s the message and tone?
  • When can we start?

8. Ask for a timeline.

When can the project be complete by? Discuss a deadline that works for both of you — including clear due dates for submitting information (your responsibility), a time period for revisions, and a precise deadline. Don’t move forward with a copywriter that can’t promise a specific deadline. This could end up causing headache for you and the writer, as well as delaying your website launch.

9. Sign a clear, specific contract.

The contract should state the deliverables — what the copywriter will provide. It should also outline the copyright, revisions, and payment information. The timeline may also be included in the contract.

10. Deliver necessary information to the copywriter.

Your copywriter should have specific requests, such as asking for marketing strategy overviews, ideal client personas, brand information, etc. Send the details as soon as you’re able so the project can meet its deadline.

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How to Hire the Right Website Copywriter for Your Brand

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