How do you write product descriptions (or service descriptions) in a way that makes you stand out?

We’re all guilty of naming our packages “The Basics” and “The Luxe,” but what if you actually used an on-brand name?

Here’s how!

1. Use a catchy title and straightforward subtitle.

The catchy name will get people to stop in their tracks, but the straightforward subtitle will tell them what your services are all about. For example, my basic package is now called, “Sea Level,” but the subtitle says, “3 pages of SEO copywriting.” Boom!

2. Don’t get too creative.

Clients shouldn’t have to read a title, subtitle and description before they finally find out what the package really is. Get to the point.

3. Optimize with SEO keywords.

Want to be found when someone heads to Google looking for your services? Optimize your package names and descriptions with keywords. Or, better yet, optimize the entire services pages. (I can help with this!)

4. Don’t copy competitors.

Could you imagine the consequences of a potential client seeing the same package details on a competitor’s website? Ouch. Plus, it’s copyright infringement and just makes you look bad. Stand out by writing something that’s yours and yours only.

Need help with this? I include package descriptions in all of my copywriting packages to help you stand out and sell with ease.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Stand Out

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