A simple photography website that is imbued with that feeling of laid back luxury. What is often seen as an interior design sentiment is perfectly encapsulated in this Martha’s Vineyard photographer’s work, and now, with a bit of Salted flavor, her website copy too.

Designed by Studio Stefan.

Laid back luxury for a simple photography website

If you’ve ever been to Martha’s Vineyard, you know what I’m talking about. The relaxation brought by the summer months, the ease of a community on the ocean that loves simplicity and values quality. That’s what we channeled for Jocelyn Filley’s website copywriting project, creating a little piece of refined paradise right there on her website.

The flavor

As a photographer with almost two decades of experience, Jocelyn knowns what she’s doing. Her expertise combined with the inspiration of her love for Martha’s Vineyard makes for photos filled with effortless elegance. Keeping in mind her clientele’s shared love for the Vineyard and its community, and her expert knowledge, we dedicated these guiding words to set the tone for Jocelyn’s simple photography website copy.

1. Refreshing. Down to earth.

2. Experienced. Knowledgeable.

3. Intuitive. Considerate.

The recipe

  1. Convert users by providing a sense of who Jocelyn is and resonating with what’s important to her audience.
  2. Create a sense of connection that makes (the right) users feel like they can’t imagine hiring anyone else, while avoiding cliches like “I like dark chocolate and red wine.”
  3. Let the images shine while giving just enough information to really sell you on the images, the style of work and the person behind it all.
  4. Market weddings and portraits on a more even basis (60 weddings/40 portraits). 
  5. Include a slight mention of the editorial work and include the broader photojournalism background. Be seen as a “photographer” who specializes in weddings and portraiture, with commercial work as well.

The brand statement


Jocelyn didn’t feel that she had one at all!


“Timeless captures inspired by unforgettable, unscripted moments, Jocelyn Filley is a Martha’s Vineyard photographer who works with couples, families and brands. Following a lighthearted, classic approach and with a natural eye for storytelling, she makes it easy for you to enjoy the moment.”

Favorite samples

The review

I was totally overwhelmed by the need for copy on my website and didn’t really understand SEO. Chatting with you was always such a delight and I was totally thrilled to receive the final copy. It was better than anything I could have imagined. You patiently guided me through the process to help me uncover exactly what I wanted to convey to my clients in a way that feels completely authentic. I feel very clear on my messaging and direction, which I think will translate into confidence in my marketing and sales. I have a better understanding of SEO and how to utilize copy in future marketing efforts.
And I imagine that the copy will increase traffic to my site as well as my conversion rate. Lauren is such a talent and joy to work with, I can’t recommend her enough!

In need of copy that reflects your expertise with a stately, yet simple photography website?

With over 7 years of seasoned experience, we’ve got you. Take a look at our custom copywriting services and see how we can add a bit of flavor to your website. But, our Instagram has plenty of tasty copywriting tips to hold you over until we can get in touch.

Website Copy for a Sophisticated, Yet Simple Photography Website

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