Does your website content feel a little… corporate? Writing conversational copy can be challenging when you grew up writing essays and your last real written piece of anything was probably a resume. All you know is corporate and casual. How do you find a good middle ground?

Writing conversational copy: An ink pen with a textured paper and pink Himalayan salt

Here are my favorite tips to lighten up your copywriting:

1. Start your draft with someone’s name.

Start with, “Hey ____(insert name of ideal client)” or talk as if you’re talking to your best friend about your business.

For example, you’re about to draft your home page. Put a little “Hey Nancy” at the top of the page (Nancy is your fave client ever) and then start writing. Remove the “Hey Nancy” when you’re done and magic! It feels more conversational!

2. Write the way you talk.

You can even use voice to text to draft your next blog post (and then edit it of course).

3. Ask questions.

Conversations have questions. Didn’t you know that? (See what I did there.) It makes your content more of a conversation (which will build a relationship and result in sales) and less of a sales pitch (which might result in sales, but you’ll lose out on the referrals that actual relationships get you).

4. Customize your calls to action.

Don’t just say, “Buy now.” Say, “Grab your copy” or “Get it now.” It’s more engaging and less stiff.

5. Don’t gab.

Have you ever had a one-sided conversation where the other person is so caught up in hearing themselves talk that they forget to really involve you?

So many websites do this and it’s the fastest way to lose an interested client. You can write as much as you want, but only keep on writing if it’s interesting and helpful.


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5 Tips for Writing Conversational Copy

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